Sunday, March 1, 2009

Manhattan @ JB.

yesterday, Fiance and me headed to Tebrau city, JB for some shopping but our main objective is to try the Manhattan over there since there is only one outlet in JB. Sadly, the food we ordered trully disappoint us! :( but, it's cheap! Even after you convert the rate, over there is still cheaper. Anyway, as per normal, we ordered the food and share between us, but it's not as filling as the one in S'pore lor. :s especially the quantity of the food.
tan @ jb.
okay, time to place our orders.
and, so the drinks came first - Ice Peach Tea for him & Orange twist for me.

Our first appetizer - Fried Oyster. 
And of course our signature dish (a must have @ manhattan!) and also our second appetizer - Garlic Mussels. 
and lastly, our main course - okay, i forgot the name of this, but it serves with prawns, calamari, fish & chips and also the garlic rice which i thought it doesn't taste garlic rice at all! 

and so, we were  at JB the whole of Saturday, and i apologized cus i woke up late. really late. our initial plan was to meet at 10am, but something goes wrong with my phone, and woke up late instead. and so i received 42 missed calls from fiance! WOAH. i woke up an hour later that is 11.25am, and get dressed and waited for him to reach my place as he need to pass my parents anniversary present. you can't expect us to carry that-quite-big present to jb right? 
bought some stuffs from there, and reached S'pore back at 9pm. Really tired. 
but it didn't end there, we caught Marley & Me at 11.30pm at CWP. HAHAH.