Monday, March 1, 2010


I'm over here at the moment :

Don't say I don't inform hor!


Over the weekends, both me and Rudy attended our Pre-Marriage Course. It was a 2 full-day course. From 9am to 5.30pm ok. It was indeed a long course. Very tiring, but fun and it's a 1 step closer to Marriage.
This course had also brought me and Rudy closer, give a better understanding about both me and Rudy. Have a future planning, it was fun and funny when I have to plan with Rudy what will happen in years to come. And of course we were seated in groups with our partner beside, and we are lucky to be seated with great people!At least, it's not that BORING. haha.
Not forgetting, the 2 Tea Breaks we had each day.

And of course, at the end of the day, these are what we are looking forward to right! A certificate to Marriage. Without this, you can't go and register and without this you cant get married. HAHA.

A bonus question from them : Why do we get married?
Ans: We get married, when we feel comfortable and calm when we are with our partner anytime, anyday and forever.

Am I ready now?

I can proudly say, I am ready.

Counting months baby!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Fit as a Fiddle.

Welcome back to....Me!
I'm back to work today. MC since 070210 to 190210. Cool or whaaat! But you know, ain't cool. Cus I'm 90% at home, resting, sleeping and FB-ing.

But it's a good one.


I'm thankful with all these people around me:

Mum - for taking care of me since I'm out from the A & E. With the food, bathed my hair for me when I can't lift up both my elbows from Day 1 to Day 4.

Rudy - for wheeling me to A & E and be there with me with the doctor. And also, taking off day specially for my medical check up.Not to forget, spoon-feeding me like a baby since I can't feed myself!  Also, ensures that I'm fine always.

Rudy's friend - For driving me to A & E Changi Hospital. And, during the accident ensured that I've not lost too much blood on my forehead.

Grandma - For your continuously daily massaging on both my elbows without fail. Still doing it now.

Aunties - For your great support,prayers and calls to make sure I'm ok. And those Aunts who visited me during my MC days, Thank you so much!

Shima and Narz - for the chilling session cum watching Percy Jackson & Lightning Thief! That was a much needed one, as I was too bored at home and to make things worse the thick bandaged on my right elbow!

Those FB-ers - for your sweet and concern messages!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Check up.

Went back to the hospital clinic with the company of Rudy of course to get my bandaged open. Like finally, though it felt so different, and I don't ever want to put it again, therefore I tried to be cool with the elbow proving to the doc that my hand is OK. It's ok, just a daily massage from my Grandma should be fine. Furthermore, it's suffocating and HEAVY with that bandaged!

And now I can type with TWO hands! but of course, slightly pain there. But I need to be strong ya?

Anyhoos, doc gave me another 2 days of MC. That is cause, I still feel the sharp pain in my chest whenever I cough, sneeze, hiccup and even laugh!

It's horror ok whenever I recall back about the incident.

And I will absolutely will not forget this moment.

070210; Changi General Hospital.

and this, is BEFORE this "humpty dumpty had a great fall".

Now, if you were to ask me to go cycling, I will tell you, "Let me think about it".
Ya, I'm still traumatised with that FALL.

Speedy recovery for me :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010


(typing with one hand...)

Last Sunday was supposed to be a fun outing with Rudy & Friend and his kid but it turned to be disaster in just 15 mins! I fell off from the bike, not fell I think Rudy said,I flipped over and therefore I got myself a deep 1/2 inch cut on my forehead, full of blood! And, both arms still in pain, but right arm now is under observation hence  my right arm is now bandage.
It's not fractured nor broken, don't worry.

It's still horror ok, cus I still have nightmares about the falling part. And I think I'm not going to ride a bicycle, let say for the rest of my life?

I have 10 days of mc, and now it's already Day 4 and I am already bored to death!

I will elaborate moe next time, it's not easy to type with 1 hand only ok!

I'm fine and Take care you all, have a great & long weekends.