Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sweet Thursday.

My Fiance brought me to catch Bride Wars without telling me what movie we're going to watch :) *penguin dance*

Ouh, great movie to destress yourself especially, and I would give this movie 2 thumbs up!

These girls are stunning.

Thank you for the impromtu sweet and sour surprise! :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Long Weekends

Wow, extremely long holidays, but actually I felt that the long holidays seems SHORT! haha.
I wish it would be longer. HAHA, don't you think so?
anyway, my laptop at home giving me problem, so I'm so lazy to update the past few days.
so here goes.
Friday - chilling session till past midnight with both Shima and Fiance + watching Inkheart (with Halfy joining)
Saturday -(afternoon) Shopping with Nazra (till my legs hurt)
- (late afternoon) date with Fiance
Sunday - Auntie Bhey's 5oth Birthday cum house warming @ Lakehouse LakeShore (I felt in love with the condo ambience the moment I stepped in there,seriously!)
Mondy- STAY AT HOME DAY (yeah, B-O-R-I-N-G lor!)
Tuesday- (Morning)Sight-seeing with Mum @ IMM
- (Afternoon) Fetched Fiance from work @ MS + dinner ( being sweet!)

pictures soon lah okay.

now, i've EXTREMELY tonnes of work to settle. :(

Friday, January 23, 2009

Brendan Fraser.

I want to watch this movie. please...

You know why?


because of Brendan Fraser!

Maybe, I will bug Rudy to watch with me. Not MAYBE larh, it's I WILL!

eh, weekends is here! a long one indeed. :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Feel

i feel that i need a break, so i'm here to update. *rhyme ley!*
my responsibilty now is just like a tap water. keep adding in. understand?
i don't even remember whether i go for my lunch break just now.
from 3 sticky note infront of me to 1. actually 4 i tink.
u'all understand what i'm talking, cus im just putting my thoughts here.
ok, i need to pack up my things now, and knock off.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Only Tuesday.

it's only tuesday, and i've got tonnes of things to settle. one after another.
like today, my lunch is way after 1pm. and i'm so hungry. got 2 periods of lessons that eat up my lunch period. i guess life as "teacher" always skip lunch. apparently, teachers skip their lunch too.

now, im cracking my brain to doing the lesson plan. :s

anyway, sec 1 students especially the BOYS are really cute, cus their so small in size. smaller than the girls.
there is one just now, he is trying to open this web cam box, and since his hands is small (ya, mine bigger) and I see him too cute with the struggling and his white specs, I being the cannot-tahan-his-cuteness "cher" offer to help him open up the box. HAHA.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Not As Bluey As I Thought.

Good morning,Readers! :)
the one and only that perks my bluey Monday is when I've receive the 1st morning messaged from the one and only dear Rudy. :) *not trying to mushy here* I was starring blankly to my closet thinking what to wear to work when I saw my hp light up. heeeeee.
It's RARE ok, to have him message me THAT EARLY. Haaaa. Cus it will always be me waking him up at 7am later on. Ouh well, so the content of the messages will be "history" ok. :)
Ok, so in short Rudy didn't sleep the whole night. :s hur.

I Can't Sleep.

as usual, I'll sleep late on Sunday cus every weekends I always wake up past noon. Meaning I will wake up within this period (12.30-1.30pm). :) as much as I can, I must enjoy my sleep since every other weekdays, I have to program myself to wake up as EARLY as 6am. Yes, that early. *Macam bangun nak pergi sekolah gitu*
Well, at first it was quite tough for me in the beginning, but now, I'm used to it. :) Then, at 7am it's my turn to phone call Rudy to wake him up for work. And again, that's everyday (Mon-Fri) and at that time, I'm already in the bus to work. The wake up call is to ensure that dear Rudy wake up for his work.
Then, I'll reach around my work area around 7.45am and I will dilly dally,take my time,enjoy the wind and enjoy the morning walk.Hence, I reach work on time. No joke, the bus stop to my work location is aprox. 10 mins walk. I make sure I have the ample time to walk and not to reach school panting (read: in a rush). Cus I need the energy to climb the stairs that is 4 storey HIGH! The computer lab that I'm seated cum my workspace is at Level 4! :s
and that also by the time I reach my workspace, I'm already PANTING. hur hur.
with this new work, I've been drinking lots and lots of plain water. Great achievement for that. :)*pat shoulder*
I hate the time that pass by before lunch but I love the time that pass by after lunch. Cus time flies faster after lunch since I knock off at 5!hee.

Why am I telling you Readers these? Cus I feel that you Readers, ought to know. :)

argh, I can't wait for the longest ever weekends that is just around the corner.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dear Rudy.

Ouh well,
Happy 33rd monthsary to us!
ily, of course.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Today.

Finally, today is F R I D A Y.
Time for me to rest and laid back.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

8 Pointers.

Congrats Adik Izzah (Rudy's cousin) for scoring 8 points for your Os.
*pat shoulder*

When Everything Around Me Shut Down.

what happened to me yesterday?
i went home, showered, ate medicines and BUMP! to my bed. I was having a sudden fever! whole body was aching and HOT. Like what I told dear Rudy that if I put an egg beside my body, the egg will cooked. Eventhough I was well-covered with blanket,I'm still shivering. brrr. temperature was really high I guess that I started to have those wild imaginations and couldn't think properly. Was telling myself that if by 11pm I'm still having this high fever, I'm going to inform my parents to bring me to the doctor at least. Thank gudness, by 11pm I was perspiring like nobody business,after which I'm feeling so much better.
So I slept from 7pm all the way to 6am this morning. Ok no,I did woke up for few minutes to check on my hp and going to the loo beee loo!

today, i feel so much better. not much, but slightly better :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Tender Loving Care.

i'm sick.
yesterday, flu and it doesn't get any better. i thought it was just a slight flu. So i heck care :S
now, at work. shivering. forehead warm. nose blocked. aircon here is already 30 degrees.
later at 2pm, i need to assist the sec 1s for their cca selection. and no one covering since the teachers will be at the hall for the release of O Levels.

Impromtu Supper.

An impromtu supper with dear Rudy earlier on. It's already 10pm and I thought I want to have an early sleep, and out of nowhere I received a message from him that he wants to go supper. :s
So we had supper at Teh Tarik. It's been quite sometime we had supper together as in both of us. heeee :)

*am watching Whose Line Is It Anyway, and it's hilarious!*

argh, i'm down with flu that's not getting any better!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Little Taiwan.

Yesterday the parents, fiance and me went JB in the evening! Haa. I know it's kind of boring there. But I lorveeeee the FOOOOOD there. We were at Plentong,Giant and we dined in to Little Taiwan, where they served Taiwanese food. It's my first time eating those Taiwan food, and I think it's fiance and parents first time too. It's CHEAP lor. and mum took the longest time to choose her food. :)

Mine - Claypot Hor Fun Braised Beef noodle (the beef super melt in your mouth lor...)
Fiance and mine - Coke Float (I still think that Coke and the ice-cream don't go very well, it's still best with Root Beer!)
Mum - Tang Tang Noodle (after so long, she ordered TANG! TANG! noodle,HAHAH)

Fiance - Spicy Chicken Cutlet Rice (Haa, he's kind of food that he would order, EVERYTIME.)
Dad - Salted Chicken Rice ( taste like popcorn chicken)

I had a very tiring Saturday. I was up since 7am yesterday cus I had to be at Main Office by 9am. I had fun meeting all the Trainers. All "gila-gila" also. heee. Next meet-up with them will be next month GM. :)
the whole session ended at 1.45pm! Rushed to meet Rudy at Marina. Then, off to AMK to meet Rudy's cousinss. :) Chatted with them for awhile, before both of us meet the parents. Again, rushed back to Woodlands to have the short trip to JB.
Reached home 1230am, and I'm already SUPER shagged. -_-
So, I had a good SLEEP and I woke up 1.30pm this afternoon. Super shiok.
But now, I feel that there's an itch on my throat. Like macam want to get flu like that. *Ouh please no*
And again, tomorrow is MONDAY?!!?!!!? So fast meh...............

Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy Weekends, Readers.

It's the weekends! I'm so looking forward to my weekends cus I had a tiring week.
Anyway, I still need to come down to the main office tomorrow for the monthly GM. pfft!
eventhough it's only 9-1pm, but still the journey there, already dragging me. Thank God, this thing is only once in a month basis! HAHA.
On the positive side, tomorrow I will be able to see all the trainers whom I've never see before. :)

have a great weekends, okay?forget the weekdays.

Check This Out.

I was busy hands-on with photoshop these few days, that out of boredom yesterday, I editted my picture. hehe.

From this.

to this,

well, not a MAJOR edit though, but still!So am i suitable to be called a blonde girl? HAHA.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Peace no war.
i need some peace here. my creativity has reached to level zero. From yesterday till today, continueing designing the layout of the school website. i need fewlings and emotions to gain back that creativeness that i've lost.
Buey tahan.
i need some laughter now.
gonna grab chocolate later.
ahh, it's 5 min to knock off. Suuuweeeet!


Early this morning on my way to work, there's massive jam before entering to BP. I wasn't in hurry of course but as time goes by, I became the one who was LATE to work. The jam was caused by just an accident, as usual - the apek taxi and a driver. It took like 15-20 mins to enter to BP. What if I'm in a cab? I think I will just ask the taxi driver to stop me in the middle of expresssway lah. Sure gonna cause a bomb to my taxi fare sey!
That nvm.Reached BP, it was a smooth journey, BUT reached BT BATOK around the fire station and before entering the BBDC, there was another massive jam. Like AGAIN?!!
and bad enough, I was late to work today.Well not THAT LATE, only about few minutes late. But still LATE what! *stamp feet*

Monday, January 5, 2009

Good Morning,Readers!

Good morning! And work start at 8 am, and stoooopid feeder bus of mine came late and made me take MRT to work. Hassle!
Just as when I reached the lab just now, the whole school was playing this kinda Beethovan song loud and clear. I'm not sure what their culture here about, and what that song mean to them students. Haaa. I shall checked it out soon.
Now what.
My HOD, is new. I'm new. So how? He is as clueless as me, and I'm as clueless as him.
Anyway, my monday start with the bottke of Ice Mountain. How about you?
Aiya, the school don't have Green Tea in a bottle ley. :(
I hoped to have a good day ahead.

Those Year Book Days.

Here's a sign of boredom. Do you all still keep your secondary school year book? Well,I do. HAHAH. And when I flipped through those pages, of course those kiddish memories sets in. But I only can find 3 of my year book ley. Supposed to have 5 right? Since my secondary education is 5 years? I have only sec 2, sec 3 and sec 5 with me. Sec 1 and Sec 4 where ah???!!!
I don't have a scanner, so I can't scan my class photos. HAHA. Very UGLY me. Serious, the one and only satisfied and considered nice class photo was only Sec 5. Cus, I rebonded my hair mah. Shoulder length somemore ley got side parting one and got fringe. HAHHHA. So at time is considered "jambu" already lor. HAHAH. Nvm, one day I shall scan for you all to view. :)
Ahh, now I miss my secondary school days. Minus those "steady-steady" days.
I miss my my sec 5 form teacher! HAHA. She rock the whole class okay.
I miss my so called handsome English teacher - Mr Taufiq. With his base voice and his super ever speaking English. Always asking me to shut up since I sat with Ifah and we will talk. Even at that moment I'm not the one talking! Wahlao. Up till now, I don't whether he is married or not.
I think I'm abit naughty in Sec 5. Cus when I'm already in Sec 5 I dared to talk back, well to at least Mr Saiful (Bio teacher).HAHA.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lazy Bump!

I'm supposed to be doing my Reflection regarding the training that I've attended last week, but I've got no motivation to finish it up, there's no deadline, just that my manager wants it by 2nd week of Jan.
Anyway, the template is there, just that I need to insert the words in. Bah..
I feel like I'm doing my RJ (reflection journal).HAHA
Maybe they should give me a deadline instead like submit it by 2359? So that I got the urge of urgency hor? HAHHA.
Even so, last time during school when comes my laziness I will still submit my RJ after the deadline via email or even worse not doing at all! And I will create that excuse such as "my internet connection at home is down" OR "I've got urgent matters to attend to".HAHAHA.
the point is, I still need to do the Reflections and submit it real soooooon.

Short And Simple.

Hello Readers, Just want to tell you readers that I forgo my long hair to this. Yes, I've wanted my hair long right?and curl right?

But I got too sick and tired of my hair. That I feel that I need a HUGE makeover to my hair. That I decided to cut it short and I rebonded it too. And I feel good and light. You know with my long hair, I've lost too much hair everytime I shampoo or comb. :(

So I keep it short and simple. Anyway, my hair grows really fast. Just wait and see. So I've no problem of waiting my hair long. HAHA. (okay,sounds wrong here.)

I even thought of hair extension. But I'm afraid to do it. Cus I don't know where the fake hairs come from.And I will get paranoid and think nonsense and I will put aside that intention. HAHA.

Look chubbier and lively hor with the short hair?Look matured got anot?Well, I need to look matured since I'm working in a secondary school environment ley!

Erm, I miss my long hair. Actually not REALLY long, but to me with that length is considered long.

But with this long hair I look kiddish and nerdish? HAHAH.Erm, abit cute too. HAHAH. Kidding!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Hello Two 0 0 nine!

Have a great years ahead, and a year older to me. :)

this entry supposed to be my reflections for 2008, but as soon as I get here, my mind goes blank.

Whatever it is, I'm blessed with everything that has happened especially with you fiance;Rudy.
I love you all, and I love you too. :)

Have a great weekends.