Saturday, February 28, 2009

Vrooom to IKEA.

Me and Fiance headed to IKEA after work cus we're looking for a frame, a customized present for my parents wedding anniversary which is
 today (28 Feb) :) we had dinner at Giant food court, and i was freaking hungry that i'm behavi
ng so grumpy! partly due to my periooood :s. 
Apologized for that fiance! i loveeee going to I
KEA looking those furnitures, all sorts of house items and of course the soft toys (kids department!) :) almost gotten myself a soft toy from there. but nah, tooo cute for me. Lol! 
so anyway, we got what we wanted, and i'm already so tired in which i can barely open my eyes.
Fiance bought a couple of things there such as 2 green towels which he has been eye-ing for quite sometime. :) I think he should buy red and yellow lor, so can become traffic light! HAHA.
As for me, i bought couple of things too such as - f
rame, small cushion (yes, the 2nd one i bought!) the 1st one i bought has become my bantal busuk! hehhee. and i actually get frustrated when my mum washed the cushion cover! pfft!

aah!going in JB tmr with Fiance. :)

Friday, February 27, 2009


i'm totally pissed off this morning,despite it's a FRIDAY. Haha. well, this is what happened, I took the feeder bus from my house to the interchange, and USUALLY it's pack with students. i don't mind about that, cus they're rushing for school. i have nothing against this bus driver, BUT today was exception! He keeps on honking for no reason, which i find it irritating. That NVM!
Reached at the interchange, that bus driver supposed to alight some passengers that wants to alight at the interchange, including ME! that point of time, the bus is already packed with students, and i'm so angry when he close the door without letting me and some other passengers to alight! and he drove slightly to the front, so i thought he would let us alight, but hell NO! He ignored. that period of time, i'm already pissed off. I squeezed through the crowd, i walked towards him and scolded him, "Can't you see we're alighting!" Is he deaf or what? someone already shouted to open the door and yet he ignored! OH MY! he opened the door as if nothing happen, and just when i alight from the bus, i took down his bus plate number! i don't care. and he make me miss my another bus to work! urgh!

now, i should lodge a complaint right? i'm so angry. and still so angry!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

25 Random Things.

Well, I was tagged by Nazra in facebook, but decided to post here too. for fun!i never fancy tag notes and stuff but since i thought i want to take a few minutes break, so i decided to do this. HAHA.

1. i look like chinese and i always had a hard time meeting new people, cus when they 1st look at me, they ASSUME i'm chinese. (at times, they start to talk Chinese!) but i'm ok with it. :)

2. i am the ONLY child, but i'm not those pampered, spoilt brat kind of child or rather bimbo. my parents never pampered me that much esp dad. that's why i'm very independant.

3. i'm half malay and filipino, and i'm born in the philipines. but too bad, i can't speak tagalog, but i would love to have that filipino accent lor. maybe i shud stay in philippines for a month ah!

4.i have this thing for twins, i donno why!

5. i love my fiance very the muchie much! *this one included or not?* HAHAH.

6. have this thing for charming, tall guys old but not so old. :)

7. when i'm angry, i cry. that's me.

8. usually i'm a straightforward person.

9. i love chocolates but not peppermint!

10. i can sleep and dream, wake up and dream back the same dream i have previously!serious.

11. i want to be a professional trainer one day.

12. love fries!

13. i don't study hard, but i study smart. i don't get those fantastic grades since pri to sec to poly, but i do made through till where i am now. my grades are always the passing grade but i still made it!

14. i can't live without my internet/laptop.

15. i play bowling.

16. i love challenges and obstacles.

17. my room is always messy but my workspace @ work is always neat. so, i'm very different when at home and at work. meaning to say i'm an organized person only when i'm at work.

18. loves to go out with fiance, anywhere.

19. if i stay home for a few days, i will get sick and bored!

20.seldom drink plain water.

21. i will laugh till i cry.

22. i can't bear any needles poking thru me for example jabs. i will cry or have that weak feeling. IN SHORT - i'm a cry baby and can't endure pain.

23.i gain weight easily, lose weight easily and after that, i will gain that weight that i've lose EASILY. so which means, i have to maintain. and it's so hard to maintain, cus i love fooooooood! FOOOD GLOrious FOOOOOOD!

24. tlc person.

25. pursuing my career currently. and i want to do the best as much as possible. :)

cut and paste from my facebook. =)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


finally, i got a macbook by the school. well, i don't expect them to issue me a macbook actually, just a simple laptop that has Adobe CS3 is fine enough for me. but the school is being "generous" i'm glad and thankful that i've got myself a mackbook. supposed to be macbook PRO lor! that long story, nehmind.

anyway, this macbook has a story behind it. lol! i'll share with you all someday, or ask me! HAHA.
i'm not a mac user, but as an IT trainer, i feel that there's a need for me to know as much as possible of other OS besides Windows. who knows, i'm required to teach students using macbook or certain softwares in which macbook only provide? so, at least i'm prepared right?
Now, who say become an IT trainer is an easy peassy lemon squessy kind of job?
it's not easy to be an IT trainer, always have to recharge oneself with new/advanced softwares.
and PASSION is the word. :)


ouh, i'm not looking forward for next week.
Next week, dreamweaver class( for only 1 HOUR!!!!??) for the Sec 2 express classes. Plus one of the day, it's an observation period for me. -_- My manager coming down. boo. so if nothing goes wrong, hopefully my i got my confirmation yea? :)

i'm always sleepy on tuesday. why ah!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hospital The Friday.

I'm very exhausted. MIL got admitted to hospital last friday evening. She was in pain. SIL couldn't take her to hospital cus she had to manage the restaurant since it was a Friday. So it was after work, I got a messaged from her to send MIL to hospital together with Fiance. So here we go to the Emergency Department, I was the one who Registered her, the one who push the Wheelchair (Ok, Fiance was the once who push that wheelchair) cus she was really in pain that she couldn't walk no more. And let me tell you, it was my FIRST TIME experience in that place WITH that situation! Fiance had to wait outside the A&E cus only ONE person was allowed to enter the so called "Critical Zone". So I braved myself and do what I ought to do. Luckily, she was examined fast due to her severe pain. So everything went smoothly till she admitted to the ward. So Fiance did her admission stuffs, and while she was sent for X-Ray, and all sort of scans, we both went for dinner cus we BOTH we DAMN hungry! Cus it's already 9.30pm once everything settled. Since them will sms us the details of the ward, so we're not that worried though.

I will never forget the FEWLING of entering the A&E! HAHHA. One beautiful experience.
Ouh, she was admitted to TTSH! urgh. Not that I hate TTSH, but you know, as an ex-staff from there, I never once miss TTSH at all. I even forgot the way to the A&E lor! Had to ask the Security Guard okay!Serious. So, I'm sure you all know what I meant.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mentally drained out.

I'm mentally drained out. I want a good laugh. anyone?
Designed the school website, and I'm quite happy with the design, so tomorrow will show it to Mr P. That only took me 3 days to design. Apart from the other tiny bits job that I need to settle. urgh!
Anyway, I find that this week has rather been a good week, cus I feel that the days pass really fast! Don't think so? If not, tomorrow is FRIDAY! so smile lah okay? cus I'm already smiling. :)

ouh, fiance is sick. (erm, got nothing to do with this post right?) hehehe.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Save Me.

I'm sleepy. Really, really sleepy.
And I slept through my journey to work. -_- I can even sleep when I walk you know!
I wish I could escape today, and enjoy my beauty sleep. Just for today. HAHA.

Monday, February 16, 2009

It's Monday!

How's the weekends or rather your Valentine's to those celebrating V-day. I don't fancy those VDays. Everyday is a Vday what right? On the other hand, me and fiance, we went dating!HAHA.
We went for dinner, took a stroll down to Cathay cus we thought, we wanted to catch movie there, but all the movies begins at 12 midnight! So we skipped that, we took another stroll down to Orchard Road, where you can see those couples with roses, people selling roses. HAHA. Then, we decided that it's more worth it to go back to Cwp, to catch movie there instead. So we caught "Underworld-The Rise of The Lycans". :) The movie ended @ 1am. :)

So, Vday ke tak Vday ke, we still spend quality time with each other irregardless how busy we are. :) and cherish every moment of it. Every seconds, every minutes,every hours you spend with your partner, is what I called LOVE.

Happy Monday and Happy Week ahead.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Love You Girls, and You Too Fazlin. :P

Our Pastamanian Dinner.

the hungarians us.

Ouh yes, Congrats to Ita, welcome to the "teacher" club! :)

Quins, substract Fazlin which I think she is on her way back from Frisco.Hopefully, our next meet-up will be the 5 of us, plus MORE energetic Quins. Nonetheless, I knew all of us were tired from work (not included Ita, cus she was on leave!) but we're still KECOH as ever. HAHA. Plus, with my MANLY-voice. HAHA. I went home with a headache okay?

We head over to Civics Mac for MORE crapping session. :p

Such as this?Cannot blame lah, we are PLAYFUL!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ooooh, Sexy Voice.

I'm down with sore throat now, I lost my voice yesterday after conducting my 4 lovely classes.
now, I got a sexy voice yeah!
I've got 1 class today at noon later, and most probably will be using the mobile mic. Hmmmm..
But I kind of love this sexy voice, cus it's really hard for me to get sore throat.Normally I will just get the minimal kind of sore throat, not until you lose your voice. Hihi.

Oh!Tomorrow, it's FRIDAY. Love it.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Believe It.

Believe it or not, I brought my work home last weekends. :(
don't call me workholic yet eh?

Anyway, I shall not rant about my work now.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Declared Half-day.

The entire school are given half-day today including me! due to the school's good performance that is above expectation, hence the Principal is generous enough to declare the half-day.
Well, my in-charge gave me a last minute info regarding the half-day. :)
And tomorrow, is the school's x-country (around the school). Again another half-day for them students, but not me of course.

ouh well, my Tita (read:Aunt) from Phil is here! Just reached yesterday midnight. My parents were at the airport, whereas ME at home S-N-O-R-I-N-G. She will be on vacation here for 2 weeks. :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Busy day today.
I've 4 classes starting as early at 8.30am! But thankfully, the last class that ends the day was the "cheeky" class. the boys especially but they're so adorable. :)
I've still have admin stuff to handle. URGH!
Anyway, tomorrow the school are on half-day for all students and teachers. I doubt I got the halfday, but if I'm entitled for the half-day, I DOUBT, DOUBT I can have it, cus I've got tonnes of things to settle. :(

Monday, February 2, 2009

Mr Tan.

A relief teacher shared a joke with me just now regarding this class 1 R.
She was saying that the whole class of 1R had to stay back for punishment. Just because they're making fun of the teacher whose name is Mr Tan. The joker of that class actually rename Mr Tan as MRT...So, if you were to look at the spelling carefully, MR Tan (read: MRT). And the teacher is fierce according to her. HAHA. Who would think of that word sia, MRT... So, because of that the WHOLE class got to stay back. HAHA.
So, don't be too fierce with your students or else, they will create names behind your back. hurhur.

May This Week.

May this week brings me smile, joy and laughter.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Feeling Purple.

Hee, I'm feeling purple these few days. Don't know why...

Touch N Go Weekends.

Some pictures to update cus I feel that this blog of mine has rather been b-o-r-i-n-g for quite sometime. Fact is - I'm extremely busy. Only today I managed to look through my mobile phone and bluetooth-ed the pictures to my laptop.
Anyway, both me and Fiance had MFM last Tuesday. Just because both of us were craving for their Garlic Mussels. :)

And yesterday, had a meet up with Hisham, both Faz and Me long lost friend.! HAHA. So there were Me, Fiance and Fazurah. It's been THAT long that I've met this boy. Erm, to be exact close to 3 years. But that boy is still the SAME old boy despite already in NS. HAHA. So, we had nowhere to go and SINCE I wanted so bad to go and see the Flower Festivals at Sentosa, they decided to go Sentosa. And too bad, no camera so I had to make full use of my not-so-good phone. The flowers were so LOVELY and GORGEOUS. I don't know about them, but after seeing those flowers and those pleasant smells, it really helps to destress myself. I told ya'll I really need a break right.

If only I own a DSLR, I would take a good shot of all the flowers lor.

This weekend is a touch-n-go weekend, for me. Cus yesterday, I had staff straining @ Henry Park Pri School. It's 9am-1pm. So it actually dragged me to go there since I'm not sure where the place is. But when I reached that pri school,OMG! the school is not like a PRI school. Seriously, it has EVERYTHING there. I think that's the biggest and high tech pri school I've seen so far. Hello, it's only PRIMARY school ley! I wonder if there's Henry Park Secondary, it would be even better lor.

Luckily, I have fun colleauges to actually speed up the time. Cus I know, everyone can't wait for the training to end. HAHA.

So there you go my touch-n-go weekends.

And tomorrow will be back to work, and the start of my teaching as an IT "Teacher". Luckily tomorrow is only 2 classes. And work is pilling up. booo!