Friday, October 30, 2009


Took an emergency mc yesterday, cus I suffered from a sudden anemia. click here to know the details. It shucks. Previous night, before I sleep I thought I was just too tired. Normally I sleep sideways, then I'm able to sleep. But not, when I turned sideways as usual, I felt that I was turning. In fact the whole room turned. Abit scarry, but I'm still having this thought that i-was-just-too-tired. So I slept facing up. The moment I woke up yesterday at 6am, I felt nauseas, giddy. Like I'm going to faint anytime! And best timing, I'm having my period! and I think that explain why. But I never had this incident happen whenever I'm having my monthly period. I thought I'm going to die! I think if I were to faint, yesterday I would probably in hospital now and you all will be visiting me ya?
Ok so, I actually refused to go doc and go to work, cus I got stuff to settle for Friday. But no choice, I got no strengthed. And I went to the doc,took my blodd pressure and he said I've got a mild low blood pressure, maybe because I'm having a heavy flow period. He prescibed some medications and advised me to rest well. Which obviously after I had some rest, I head back to office (school) to settle the unsettled stuff. Don't worry, I took cab and went back by cab too. :)

I slept well last night. Slept at 6.30pm, woke up at 9pm. Went to wash up and slept all the way to 6am this morning. I'm able to sleep sideway too! No more giddyness.

Now, I'm slightly ok I think. I'm still on medications, and watching my diet too. Especially need to have high intake of iron and lots  and lots of H20!

It's weekends bebeh. at least I've settled the important stuff. :)

ahh, today also the last of school for secondary school and next week it's time for me to renew my contract. 

Ouh, MJ," This Is It" was AWESOME! :) Thanks Nazra for the pair of free tickets. Love ya!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Don't Drool.

And so we had the birthday celebration at Mad Jack near town area. It's our first time there and everyone seems to enjoy it especially the atmosphere there was just so relaxing. Though it was a small size restaurant, but there's only like 2 table occupied. Such a good place for chilling out with your friends and loved ones!

Let me share wit you some of the food we had. The food were awesome and it came with big portion, and looking at the price, it's worth it! I would go for a 2nd time for this and try the rest of the menus :)

Mine, the tallest burger in town! This burger is really huge and tall. I gave away 1 patty to dad. It's really soft and melt in your mouth. And dad had to comment this, "your order is always the weird ones. everyone's food had arrived and yours not yet!then when everyone half way done eating, your's reached!" HAHA. and really, mine was the last one to arrive and I'm the last one dig in. But of course I did tried the rest of theirs. But when come to think of it, YA. everytime I go eat with them, my food will usually be the last to arrive. But not because I ordered weird stuff, usually ya cus hello, whenever you go to a restaurant you will sure try their specialty right and their signature dish. Haa, i think signature dish or specialty dish take a longer time to cook/ prepare due to the chef putting in some "love" to the food, cus it's special! HAHA.

Rudy's steak (medium-rare). The mash potato was superb!

My favourite, fried mushroom. but this fried mushroom seems too big, don't you think so. I would prefer it small and round and easy to put in your mind. My thought I ordered "jemput-jemput". -_-

Beef lasagna to be shared around. It's nice and I like it dry like that, cus initially it came with a separate sauce.

Oh! I love the sauce! Mom ordered this. Very filling!

Ahh, after that we were so MAD (read: full!) ! Then came the dessert.
Rudy's complimentary birthday cake from them. :)

Strawberry Cheesecake.

My favourite, Oreo Cheesecake!

Me and Mom.

Happy birthday to you!

Thanks Mom for the treat! :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Man Who Is A Year Older.

Today my fiance, Rudy turned a year older and being a passionate fiancee, I made a simple -and-yet- cool self-made birthday card for him. heee.

here's the first page.

here's the third page.

Oh! the picture "classic" right! I used to derive that picture. Very simple, I just need to upload the face, then self-adjust it. I purposely chose the year that he was born and automatically create the picture just like the above. It's fun, you ought to try it! And when I was doing this card, I kept giggling to myself everytime I saw this "RETRO" picture of him. :) Oh, you wouldn't want to see mine! You will be laughing out loud!

last page. :)

"If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you" and I meant it. :)

Hoped you had a blissful year ahead and I'm so much happier to share this happiest moment with you. Not only today, every single day with you by my side.


Monday, October 19, 2009

In A Box.

Kids are just kids, they're just too adorable. :)


We had swimming in the afternoon, an impromptu one. Swimming is my next favourite sport beside bowling. I just love playing in the water, like "badak-berendam". Nazra and me had fun eventhough it was a short one. I'm glad I was entitled the OIL. :)

See, we had fun even by walking from Bt Gombak to the bus stop near to Swiss Cottage just to take the bus to BP and Woodlands. The walk seems endless, but who cares!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Good Sleep.

Finally, I've gotten the good sleep which I so wanted it since a week ago. :)
Slept at 2am, woke up at 1.25pm today. :)

Ok, backache is back. Not fun at all!

Anyway, I wanted to blog something funny but maybe later. When I got the funny mood ok?

For now, back to Cafe World. Be my neighbours people! :)

Happy Deepavali to all my Indians friends! :) and it's a long weekends for me this time time. :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Busy as A Bumble Bee.

Right now,I'm exhausted. Exhausted from the weekends. I'm deprived of sleep. Really.
Well, to some I'm not busy. But yes I am.
For the past weeks, I've been trying hard to complete my AR. Besides, my other workloads. That is another pile of work. Last Friday,I'm trying hard to complete that AR. And what freaks me out was the inserting of page numbers. It's seems easy right. From your microsoft word, Select "Insert", and select "Page Numbers". Trust me. it will not happen, even if it does, the number are wrong. And it freaks me out, when my AR has already reached the 100th page! So I'm close to giving up, but I took a break, and today I tried to do it again with full of PATIENCE. Which I need the most for now at least. Cus you see, once I'm done with that page number, my AR is just an inch to complete! So ya, this morning, I did it again. Insert the footer, the logo and those stuffs. and good news, it's done! So now, I can concentrate on other stuffs.
Next is my tutoring. Since it's the Exam periods for those kids, my tasks seems simple, but it's not. I'm teaching Twins. And it's not easy. It's like when the other one is extremely quiet doing her work, the other half will have lots of stories to share. And vice versa ok? So I had to double up my attention. And preparing those materials ain't easy.Cus you know, whatever materials I give, I need to do it double. hehe. But it's fun. I'm not complaining.
So the twins have been having this "intensive" tuition with me since Saturday, 2 hours each. 2 down, 2 days to go. Today and tomorrow till the tuition break. :)

Pictures will be uploaded soon.

Oh, Rudy and me were at JB yesterday.It was a last minit merisik event. So come Jan next year, there will be another one getting enganged and another one get HITCH! and then ANOTHER one. Ahem Ahem! :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Splashy Splash!

Yesterday outing was awesome. Me, F, J and SL went swimming after work at BB. No one was there. We've got ALL the pools by ourselves! Plus the cooling weather, we were freezing the moment we out from the pool. HAHA. SL being so funny, cus she don't know how to swim and afraid of water. We had to coach her how to swim. Teacher teach teacher how to swim!Not at the baby pool, but we actually wanted her to baby pool instead while we swam at the normal deep pool. HAH.
More gossips, more idiotic acts we made. I think the lifeguards were amused by seeing us so kiddish yesterday. HAHA. Especially when J got a leg cramped while swimming! Thank God, I'm with her.

Now, whole body is aching. well it's TGIF. so I'm thankfully for that.
And meeting Ifah GF later on. Yay!

Can't wait for this weekends to be over. Really!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Tomorrow, me and my colleauges are going SWIMMING!
and come Friday, will be meeting IFAH girlfriend. Yay! Time to have some catching up moment!

So sexcited!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Movie Checklist.

I would rate this movie 5/5. Awesome!

And the next movie I really, really want to watch is THIS:

Dear love, are you game for this movie with me? I know you can. hehehe :p

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Entry.

Remember last week, I mentioned that I rented a car for the weekends, and it was of course awesome. So I remembered, I did took the tak-tau-malu picture of myself while waiting for Rudy and his mum to get into the car.  :) 

Deck J. This was where I parked the car on the first night. The reason I snapped this was because, I'm afraid I might forgotten where I parked the car. HAHA.  Cus when I snapped this, it's nearly 4am! HAHA. 

Here's the Fiat. It's a semi-auto car. In the beginning, I find it odd cus I'm not used to drive semi-auto. Don't worry, no clutch! HAH. But as time goes by, it's like A-B-C! 

Random picture. 
During the fasting month, break fast with my colleauges at Rasa Selera. They ate BIG, I don't cus I wasn't fasting on that day. It's only the 3 of us and it was our first makan together eversince we know each other. We had a good laugh, gossips and of course, great company!
That's my Fish N Chips, for your info. :)

My one and only hp charger left at work. Not once but millions of time. Tapi I tak serik-serik. Hhehehehe. So, my hp died yesterday. So no charger. None of my family members uses Samsung, so my bad! And everytime I forgot that Charger it must be the weekends. Normally, it's the usual weekdays. But that it's still fine with me. So what I did to resolve my situation, I went to a nearby shop, buy a 2nd hand charger that costs me $8! Ok, now. This extra charger I shall not going to bring it anywhere. Place it safe at home, while the other one will put it at work. So I think that solved my problem eh?  And no more excuses of misplacing the charger. HAHA. Shoot me if I do so. 

Ah, it was raining heavily a while ago, but now it stopped! I so want it to continue raining HEAVILY please just for today and tonight :).