Thursday, February 11, 2010


(typing with one hand...)

Last Sunday was supposed to be a fun outing with Rudy & Friend and his kid but it turned to be disaster in just 15 mins! I fell off from the bike, not fell I think Rudy said,I flipped over and therefore I got myself a deep 1/2 inch cut on my forehead, full of blood! And, both arms still in pain, but right arm now is under observation hence  my right arm is now bandage.
It's not fractured nor broken, don't worry.

It's still horror ok, cus I still have nightmares about the falling part. And I think I'm not going to ride a bicycle, let say for the rest of my life?

I have 10 days of mc, and now it's already Day 4 and I am already bored to death!

I will elaborate moe next time, it's not easy to type with 1 hand only ok!

I'm fine and Take care you all, have a great & long weekends.