Thursday, July 30, 2009

Not Good.
This week has been a tough week for me. I went to the doctor TWICE, took mc on Monday. I wasn't feeling too good since last FRIDAY. Almost a week, to be exact.
I've been knocking off late too these past few days, and I make sure that I claim those hours. The reason, I need to make sure that these handful of talented students do the project, since they need to submit their project tomorrow!Exhausted yes, but for the students sake, I don't mind at all. Afterall, it's them who gain, not me. I'm just to support, motivate and encourage and also to keep them in track. But at times, side track.

So, I've not fully recover from flu yet, don't worry NOT those swine flu or whatt, eventhough it's kind of worrying for me. But I still "berjaga-jaga" ok.

Ok, till then.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Buay Tahan.
Have you all catch this movie? I think you should and have a really good laugh!
I catched this movie with Fiance, and boy! did we laughed real hard. I laughed till I tears rolled down my cheeks and Fiance laughed till he cannot laugh! Seriously, damn hilarious and some adorable scenes especially when the baby was born.
And I think the 3D version is worth it to watch. I don't mind watching it again. Perhaps the 3D version. Anyone game for it? HAHA, do nudge me. :0

I'm having this flu symptons. And my throat I could feel the soarness. I've been sneezing, not the kind of the normal sneeze you know. And body feels really tired. :s
I hoped I'm fine.HAHAHAH.

By the way, I turned 23 2 days ago. :) And I love the presents from Love and Parents. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I love you.

And I've received countless of birthday wishes from FB, SMS or even at work. I don't know what to say, but THANK YOU, lovelies! Those who I can't get to reply, perhaps my busy schedules or I overlooked at your SMSes, I apologized with a BIG THANK YOU. Thanks for remembering my birthday for all these years I have known you,people! :) You know who you are. :)
Thanks for being there for me.
AND! To these 2 good friends of mine who dedicate a birthday song over the phone and MMS it to me when the clock striked 12! That's amazing! I'm really impressed. Initially I thought they "pakat" but NOT! HAHA. I wish I could upload those 2 recordings up here, but since it's an EXCLUSIVE ones, they requested me not to upload it here or anywhere online! HAHA. Alright, alright!

Again, THANK YOU. :)
Happy Belated Birthday To Me :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Pardon the Green Lanyard.

Has been busy these past few days, but never did I neglect this space alright! Anyhoos, it's the weekends. Be happy and enjoy the weekends. You need them, I know.

I still have tomorrow to attend video-editting workshop and hopefully it will be a breeze for me. :)

As for Sunday evening, will be teaching the Twins. I always have fun teaching them. Their just adorable and hilarious.

Fiance is sick on a FRIDAY! hur hur.

Do you know that, WE watched Transformers TWICE weeks ago. That's enough for me.

Ouh, by the way does H1N1 still exist for now?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Hint.
if last year i don't have a wishlist, how about this year i make one?
Ah, there you go!Not much lah okay? 
HAHA, it's for fun actually. So that I will look forward to my birthday this year. Anyway, it's not 21st lah right, so I don't expect much. 
Dah tua pun!
Let me share the BIGGEST gift I've gotten/received ever since I turn 21. 
When I turn 21, I've gotten my driving license. That I couldn't ask for more! 
When I turn 22, I got ENGAGED with of course,my other half. Though it falls on his 2* birthday! THE MORE I couldn't ask for more!
So what's in store for me this year when I turn 23 in about 2 weeks time?

Thursday, July 2, 2009


I predict that this month of July, there's a few things line up specially for me. Be it good or bad. Be it related to work or not. Be it stressful or not. Be it disgusting or not. So much of "BE IT!".
One of it will be my Annual Report. We're not talking about the Monthy Report here ok? It's ANNUAL. To me it's something about "life and death" situation. HAHA.It will be my first time writing the Annual Report alone, of course. The last time I did a formal REPORT was during my FYP days, but that was TEAM WORK.  So it's obviously going to be different. A first timer like me, will surely experience that confusion or struggle. But I'm being POSITIVE here ok.  
Eh! I'm not complaining here, mind you! 
Another thing for sure,I'm getting a year older this month! I still feel like I'm just turning 21. If you  were to ask me and honest question and THAT will be my honest answer! But of course if you were to ask me what I've gained after the age of 21 and present, I would surely admit I become wiser even though I know there's a certain percentage of me I AM CHILDISH! :) 
I learn to pick up new things along the way, and the ones that is good I will cherish it and the ones that is bad, obviously I will discard.  Working wise, I love my current job despite those minor issues that's constantly on a repeat mode.  Not to forget those "babies" are always getting on my nerves, but it's just fun to entertain them and at times NAG at them. :) 
In case some of you don't know my term "babies", they're my students.  hur hur

In short, Life's good for me now. :) 

Eh, it's been long time I've never post this kind of entry. HAHA. Like so serious hor?  Whatever it is, right now at this moment I'm mentally dead, physically alive. And this coming long weekend is what I need the most -CHILLAX. :)