Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Taxi Driver.

Yesterday, I encountered an incident that almost made me lodged a complaint.
Just a little information, I work in a school, so yesterday was exception that I took a cab home. I realise not once but quite a few times, when I take a cab somewhere near the school zone, the first impression that the cab driver has on me is the you-are-a-teacher kind of impression. So, this goes the conversation.

Me: Uncle, Woodlands Circle. Go by BKE then SLE. (Normal taxi driver, will KNOW the route. It's the USUAL taxi driver route)

Uncle: No, I go by Woodlands Road, thenall the way straight to Marsiling (and bla bla) straight to your place. It's nearer and no jam.

Uncle: You teacher ah?

Me: Yes. (Cus I got no mood to entertain him, I knew what's going to happen next!)

Uncle: Wah, teacher good pay (and BLA BLA BLA....)

Me: Uncle, go by BKE, then SLE. Nearer.

Uncle: How you know it's near?! (He sounded frustrated)

You go by Woodlands Rd longer, my house is near Admiralty MRT!

Me: In case something happen, I take down his cab number.

He felt embarrassed and spoke lower down his voice tone.

Uncle: Ouh, then why today you never drive?


Uncle: So your husband also teacher?

Me: YES.

Uncle: No kids?

Me: NO.

Bloody idiotic I tell you! In the end he followed my route. So what, if I work in school, so what if I'm a teacher, but you as a cab driver, you shouldn't have this mindset that Teachers are well paid off, and can drive any route you want. More like taking advantage right! He thinks I'm stupid, he gave me excuses of not going the expressway route because according to him, there is going to be massive jam! Please lah, it's only 5.15pm!
He tried to play with me, and served you right, I played you back!

Another scenario I got it few months back, this cab driver asked the same question again(Are you a Teacher?), and he tried to have a conversation but this conversation was more like the cab driver venting out his anger to those who are working under the government sector. Again, I lazy to entertain this kind of people. Lucky, it's only from my workplace to Bt Gombak. 10 mins journey. So not so bad.

Please lah, behave people!


One of our Raya picture, we wore white this year. I didn't buy any new Baju Raya hence, I wore my engagement clothes. It fits better than last year, perhaps last year I'm fat! HAHA.
Rudy managed to take 1 shot of the F1 car passed by. And that was considered lucky can!
Ok, this photo here it has been ages. It's during the Teacher's Day Celebration 3 weeks ago. The theme was "Black & White" and it's MJ's night. The food was not too bad. It was held at Royal Park Hotel.
I love this quote and I believe with what it's stated there, "Teaching is the profession that teaches all other professions." If you're in a teaching field, I'm sure you get what I mean.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Week.

Ok so now what?
Initially, I'm supposed to share some pictures taken over the weekends, but I can't seem to have time to share it here. Actually I did! It's all over in FB. HAHA! I'm not lazy, just that sometimes, when you have uploaded elsewhere, you tend to forget about the other elsewhere. I might as well, copy and paste the links here right. But I'm not like that, perhaps I shall do it tonight, hopefully. Not much pictures so don't get too excited ya. :)

Over the weekends, I rented a car, a very small and comfy car that's exactly suits me. It's Fiat Punto. It's a good deal ok. Obviously, I drove all around Singapore. I made really full use of it, such as, drove my parents around, went Jalan Raya with Rudy's mum and followed by my side the other day, and of course rounding with Rudy till the wee hours! I'm really thankful to have Rudy as my co-pilot, he is like my GPS, human GPS to be exact, cus I know nuts about the road maps and directions. I only know how to drive only the North area, but other than that, I will get lost. So, of course it's tiring to have me driving all the time, but it's been A YEAR, I've not been driving. So of course, I made sure, I made full use of the car. Ouh yeah, I still can DRIVE! and this time round, NO P-PLATE! Less horns. :p Again, thanks to my dear Rudy, if not for him beside me, I will not survive!

Tuition sessions with the Twins, commence today. And now, it will be the intensive lessons, since their Final Year Exam is around the corner. Materials for them, are ready, only need to execute! HAHA. Actually I kind of misses both of them. :) And will be getting my moolahs tonight too!

15 more mins, to log off from here.

Will be going home by cab, cus a coffee packet I bought just now, spilled on my white skirt! Damn. Blame the Auntie, cus I already told her to tie the coffee as usuals, but she DID NOT. Not even an apology.Stupid.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lebaran Pictures.

Rudy's side,

The one with the torn among the roses. Him with his cousins! Anyone can recognise someone from the above picture? :) 

My side,

The most gorgeous Kek Lapis (Sarawak) I've ever seen! I know it's really complicated to bake this cake, but it's gorgeous especially the combination of the colours. 

The chicken lover. Don't ask me how many chicken wings he helped himself with.  :) 
The adorable one. 

Not much picture taken for the 1st & 2nd day of Raya. Hopefully this coming week since I will be vrooooom..vrooooom!  (read: driving!) 

Watch out for this space.

Sleeping Gas.

I'm still sleepy despite having the 8 hours of sleep. Why ah. Irritating you know. I can sleep in the bus, anywhere. But I love sleeping! HAHA.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sesuci Lebaran 20.09.2009

Day 1 of Raya was one a hectic day for me. But I had fun, especially with the cousins around. This year I felt special, because I get to bond with them boys (cousins) besides Indah (picture below).  :) This  year Syawal has also made me more even more mature and more know-what-say during the seek of forgiveness to the elderly.  It's not that I prepare such scripts you know. But I felt the "syahdu"-ness when I seek their forgiveness. Perhaps I done many sins with them within the year. HAHAHA. Yes, I teared like a baby. Ok NOT. Maintain, cus face already  with the THICK make-up. hehehehe.
*non-edited photo*
With Indah Cousin, we both trying so hard to take a picture of us together, we tried means and ways to get perfect picture as we're using only our camera phones. So, we gave up and asked my Uncle, and WALLA! Within a snap, we got this perfect picture, which we name it as "Perempuan Melayu Terakhir". 
hehehehehheeh.  *kononnya la ye!*

Well, this feeling comes only once a year. So I really appreciate it a lot. I hoped I can maximised this year Syawal with joy and happiness, especially with my Fiance- Rudy and to have a great time with my fellow relatives regardless the in-laws or non-in-laws. Insyallah.
So now, we can go anywhere to any relatives house already cus GREEN LIGHT(read:engaged) already! hehehe.

Whatever it is, Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir & Batin from me, and I love you Readers!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

To all OUR lovely Friends, Family and Everyone who knows us, we wishes all of you

maaf zahir & batin.

With much love,
Rudy Izzati

Monday, September 14, 2009

Awesome Possum.

I'm back from the awesome possum long break! Not that I go for a holiday or something GREAT happened to me, but it's just that much needed break that I've been yearning for. HAHA.
So what I did during that awesome possum long break? Well, I got to wake up late. As late as 12pm? HAHA. Then, I proceed to the twins house for tutoring. Afterwhich, I got back home again. Accompanied myself with the DVDs and VCDs that I borrowed from SIL. Great I tell you.
On Friday itself, again I woke up almost 1pm. :) Did a little bit of spring cleaning in my room and trying to be Lomantic, fetched my beloved fiance,Rudy :) Actually not, Rudy wants to walk-see-see at Comex Suntec. So he asked me to meet him there. And Comex itself were crowded with people from all walks of life race or religions. heh. We were there for almost an hour, and I couldn't stand the crowd anymore cus I was already feeling dizzy. Super corwded. But I tell you , those gadgets worth to buy, cus it's awesomely cheap plus the awesomely free gifts!

And today, it's the start of the week, and I'm already pissed, work related obviously. I'm enduring it anyway.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

September 09 09

It's a lovely date isn't it? 090909. I bet if this month wasn't a fasting month many Malay couples would choose this date as their solemnisation day or their wedding day. And there won't be enough Tok Kadi! HAHA. But few months back, I've read an article that there were already so many people went ROM just to book this auspicious date for their BIG day. You know it's just like the date 070809. I wonder why so special about this date? Just the number whatttttt.I personally prefer the opposite of this. :p

So anyway, I will be going on a long break this weekend. I hoped I will maximised this long break I have, maybe doing something fruitful. Like spring cleaning the house, touch up my room, watch tv,have some quality time alone with me and the room plus the bed maybe. But the best thing, I can WAKE UP anytime I want! I like that. :p Oh please, don't be jealous. I don't get this type of long break often. (unless I'm a student, which I wish I AM!)

I'm so excited. I'm meeting my so-long-time-never meet cousin for iftar later. So happy lah okay. It's been months, MONTHs and MONTHS we never meet since she started work at ICA plus the shift work and her odd OFF days. So as an elder cousin which is ME of course, I took the initiatives to meet up with her! :p To wait for Hari Raya next week is too long! Cousin, if you're reading this, I MISS YOU! :)

My stomach now seems not to be its usual self, maybe due to the crab we had yesterday. It's been such a long time I had crab! I didn't eat much but my colleauge was the one that skinned for me the crab skin. hehe. The gravy so ever spicy but awesome. We had one awesome hell of laughter yesterday plus the "hot" gossips. Too hot cannot carry dok!

I'm counting down the hours now to 5pm?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

It's the Monthly Routine.

I'm having this cramp feeling, as usual THAT monthly normal girls go through moment and I usually can't escape this cramp I'm having. Pathethic you know. When this moment comes,I usually loves to snuggle in bed. Like shiok like that. And if can, I don't want people to disturb/irritate me. :) and obviously I had to skip the fast.

So anyway,  followed parents to Geylang. I didn't want to actually, but since not meeting Rudy today, I decided to follow them since they want to get some Raya stuff. One thing I had to go Geylang is the make-your-body-sweat like nobody business. And I hate those kind of sticky feeling, plus the crowd! Ouh my, please lah. all over the place was human pack, but I tell you only 20% out of that 80%  people over there buy stuff for Raya. The REST of that 80% just walk around like they were strolling in Orchard Rd. No point putting thick make up or dressup nicely when going there, unless you want to attract attention, but I doubt you will find the attention you want there! HAHA. I'm not complaining here, just stating the facts. hur hur.

Ok, Syima has already uploaded the pictures from her Nikon! Yay! So here's some to share. Not in order right now, I'm not in that mood to arrange the pictures in order. HAHA. 
At least I share what right? hehehe. But you want to see see more, visit my FB or if you don't have me as in your contact, do add me as friend and then we can become FarmVille neighbour! HAHA. I'm a FarmVille addict, all THANKS to my dear Rudy. Of all my neighbours, I got the MOST number of PIGS in my farm! NO JOKE! and don't ask me how I managed to do that. HAHA.  Want to see, my farm? Go add me! :) Ouh, if I'm not that lazy I will upload the picture of my farm here. But not now. 

So anyway,

It seems like I'm the "greedy" one here, but I'm not. Look who finished the cake first! The ONE that already wiped the mouth with the tissue used for the cake. hehe..

Ah, better me. :)
Ok again, the "greedy" me, but I'M NOT! I think that one I just want to bite the cake and Narz snapped it.

This part is a hilarious act of us.
He brought his toy along.

The birthday girl with the "chacha" bag! Never thought she could OWN it. But we did it just for her. :) there's another one too, a beautiful Maxi dress. :)
Juita & Lin.
Me of course. *must have one!* hehehe..
Unglam shot. 

Ok done! 
It's already Sunday! boo.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Nazra's 23rd!

Next time then I elaborate this entry can?

The Barney birthday cake! Purposely, bought that for her!

Okay, according to Narz it looks like I'm "without" my leggings.Fewwit lah! we visited RP's park and camwhored there. What are we trying to do here eh? HAHA.

Shima, what you reading eh? Amik gambar lah!


I miss RP!

Done! When I feel like elaborate more about this, I shall do it next time lah, now waiting for SYIMA's to upload the rest of the pictures!!
Happy weekends people! and for the kids happy holiday!