Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I watched 17 Again with Rudy last week and Zac Efron is awesomely, incredibly HOT. eheheh. oh, of course the movie I would gave it 5/5. I find it a very touching movie, also it tells you how you must cherish someone you love before it's too late. :)

heeee. :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Boy Turn 3.

Yesterday was Hannan 3rd birthday, yes that little boy! Too bad, my hp died. HAHA, low batt. so no pictures! Cus I didn't charged the day before. Anyway, had a fun and tiring day. Me and Rudy rented bikes and went cycling. It's been such a long time I cycled, so NOW I'm having the aftermath- ACHING.
I want to cycle at UBIN.

I bought goggles. And I want to TRY to go swimming twice or once a week. This one serious ok, who want to go else well, jolly well PM me. :) and we can jolly well swim swim together.

I seriously, got no mood to work. due to a certain circumstances. Move on lah okay.

Friday, April 24, 2009

4NBs & 5NBs.

dear lovely friends, 
please be informed that the gathering for 4NBs and 5NBs people, are STILL ON ok. 
here it goes :

I have decided to have lunch cum dinner cum supper or what you call it, to be at SEOUL GARDEN @ MARINA SQUARE. 
Meeting time: 3PM sharp! 
Attire: Smart Casual 
Meeting point: Outside SEOUL GARDEN 

Whoever, disagree with this plan or have better plan PLEASE VOICE OUT your opinion. Aww, don't be shy lah ok. Else, we will go as plan. 

Please state that you're going IF you really are going. I'm sure you're excited, as I'm more SEX-CITED to meet you all! So please, cooperate and meet. HAHA. The more the merrier what right! 
Also, I might not be able to get those numbers, but please help to pass the message. And informed me please. So I can take note. Cus must mark ATTENDANCE MAH later! HAHA. 
Last but not least, I'm looking forward to all of your respond. :) 

ps: don't forget bring cameras! :P the ugly photo will be posted here @ facebook! HAHAH. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

If You're Down, View THIS.

This is FREAKING hilarious. I was laughing while watching this version! HAHAHA. Pretty cute the boy dance. And the back guy who was sleeping can't be bothered. but keep a look out on those 2 boys. HAHAHHA. In fact, all the boy in there is the same person dancing. 
Me Not Robot.

I'm not a robot. I only have 2 hands to work with this precious brain of mine. So please appreciate that and WAIT.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Want.
I wish I am still a student. :(

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Speechless Day.

this speech day that is taking place this Saturday, is driving me nuts. what more, my BABIES. I hoped they are coping well with their projectwork.
i hoped im not needed this Sat, but not much difference cus i still need to report to HQ for the monthly briefing followed by the company R & R. Heading to ECP for Frisbees Competition. So practically the whole day, it's occupied.

Ouh! Also, a remarkable day for US this Saturday, it's our BIG 3! :) heart heart.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Less than 70 mins. 

I met fiance just now at Bangkit's Coffeeshop (fiance claims that his coffeeshop!) for a late dinner. And I just got home 10 mins ago. 
Amazingly, it rains heavily the moment I reached interchange, then over at the expressway, no rain at all. Come to BP, it rain heavily. Obviously, I'm umbrella-less! 
See, very short meet-up, but it's all in the name of LOVE.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

De' Most

The most boring-est Saturday ever, is TODAY. 

Friday, April 10, 2009

It's Raining, It's Pouring.

Nice weather to snuggle in bed now. :) It's a PH today and it feels so great to just chill with your bed, your pillows and of course the blanket with this kind of weather. I seriously love, love it. 
The next thing, I want to do is to watch Hell's Kitchen now.I've finished watching Season 4 and now Season 5. Let's do the marathon. 

Sunday, April 5, 2009

By Accident - deleted.

(previous entry deleted)

i guess it's best that i leave it as it is. i hate this part, it's like a nightmare.period.

Just Being Me.

Not trying to be VAIN here ok (kalau sekali sekala apa salahnyer kan.), just that it's been such a long time never take a proper picture of myself. Hehe. My mum took this shot of me using my beloved LB. :) It's only 5 Mega Pixels, but I'm happy of the image result. 

Alright, it's freaking 0405am now, and I have not force myself to sleep. Oh C'mon what's there to force yourself to sleep when it's a SUNDAY. tsk. 
erm, ok I think I need to get myself to sleep before the rest of the people in the house awake.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mischevious Class.

Let me share something here. Wait, can spot me? HAHA. Secondary 5 picture. And I came from a mischevious, noisy and yet funny class. All sort of character can be found in this class. From a very big family, to a size of this.At times, I miss the BIG family. After our Ns, some of them went separate ways. So what is left is here.

We love our form teacher, and not only love we always tease her and at times when come to our idiotic days, we would play a prank on her. and she BELIEVE. If you realised, I'm seated. For all my entire secondary school life, when come to taking class photo, I will stand either on the 2nd row or the 3rd row. So it was rather awkward to sit down. Furthermore, seated on the 1st row!
The boys, on the hand is always with their antics but that makes the class alive. We quarrelled, we joke, we fight. But the end of the day we are back to FRIENDS. HAHA. But thanks to our form teacher, she is a very supportive one eventhough she know all teachers who taught us had a hard time, she still wants the best from us. Thanks Mdm Shah!
I will never forget this, Mr Chye my History teacher banned me from going toilet as he claimed that I purposely want to go to toilet when comes to his lesson, like really what, the rest of the lessons the teachers don't allowed us to go toilet. But at times, I FAKED. HAHA. Not only that he wrote my name on the toilet pass.So when come to the real URGENT moments, I had no choice had to control. No doubt, I love all my teachers.

So much memories, seriously.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Big Babies.

Say peace to my babies. Taken during their projectwork, not by me but by their projectwork teacher. The most well-behaved & cute class I find so far. :)
Seriously, I got no hard time teaching them. :) Anyway, I'm hooked to Facebook. I think most of us are hook-ed. Can say bye bye to Friendster.
eh, for those who hasn't isn't in my facebook list, you're welcome to add me okay?
erm, where is my fiance eh?