Wednesday, December 30, 2009

She's Coming Back Tonight.

My mum is coming back from Phils tonight, today. And my dad strongly thinks that she is coming back tomorrow night! I miss her, of course. :) And I wish I was with her in the Phils. :( Nehmind, next time.

Monday, December 28, 2009


Maybe I should move to Tumblr.

The Winner.

Congrats, Sezairi.
Ouh, my fiance;Rudy voted for you ya! Not sure how many times, but he's a mad fan of you! :)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fast Forward.

Was at JB last Sunday to attend to Rudy's cousin solemnisation. In June this couple got engaged. Last Sunday, they're already declared as Husband & Wife.
"To Wan & Nurul, Selamat Pengantin Baru! "

Peace! We still survived eventhough we're awake for almost 24hours!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Our families had our own bbq on the 19th Dec, Pasir Ris and it was awesome! It's the first time, we had such themes. I chose - Hawaiian. So it was a Hawaiian Night! The kids were the cutest, cus the parents dressed them up! We  had games, prizes and goodies bag for the kids.  And of course, the night where most of us chose to stay AWAKE!

till next time!

Monday, December 21, 2009


We had an awesome weekends that caused both me and Rudy to actually dragged ourselves to work this morning. Well, I think to the rest of my family members too.

As much as I want to upload the pictures, which I've yet to do it. Not even transferring to my laptop. Maybe tonight.

So why awesome? We had family bbq, and all of us overnite till morning. The kids never sleep at all, including me and Rudy. So it was like we're 24 hours awake!

On Sunday, we hurried home to get our 2 hours quick nap before me and Rudy head over to JB to attend his cousin's wedding. We only managed to get home at 11pm. That was because customs jammed! dammit.

Now all I want, is another 6 hours of sleep! PLS! 

Ok, pictures next entry!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Give me a hug!

Ouh, I love the weather right now. Cool and calm. Just wish that I could just snuggle in bed covered with blanket and reading my New Moon book.  :)

Nevertheless,tomorrow please I don't expect this kind of weather, please be hot and sunny cus tomorrow will be my family bbq-ing! And first time I actually came out with a theme - Hawaian!

I'm scratching my head big time cus I'm not sure what to wear. HAHA!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day 3 KL

So it's already our day 3 in KL. And we decided to drive up to GENTING! And I super excited, cus I've been wanting to go there! 

Taken using my iphone, Rudy purposely bought the cap so that we got one each. His in black, mine in brown. I don't really fancy cap. But for KL and obviously for Rudy's SAKE, I  wore it in KL. I look good uh? HAHA. By the way this cap cost 39RM. Cheap or whaat?!I find it expensive! HAHA.Bought it at Pavillion.

See that signboard? You know what it means? HAHA, it's the short form for their highway. I find it funny, AKLEH! sounds like CHAKDE! HAHA. Ok, I forgot what is the long word for that.
There's another new highway too.

DUKE! HAHA. I've got no idea what's their full name of this highway! Very interesting right!

On the way to Genting. Love the clear blue sky!

Beautiful mosque.

Yay! Going up the hill! Up,up and awaaaay..

Can you see Genting up there?

Still going up.

Finally saw the welcome board. But still more up to go.

Upon reaching to Genting, we can already feel the fresh air, cus by this time we already switched off the air-con. Look at the clouds! I wish I could grab them.

When we reached, we took almost an hour just to find a parking slot! Genting was so packed! Cars and humans everywhere! I got bored in the car for turning upteen times, grabbed the dslr, and camwhored with those mirrors. HAHA.

Look at the time, already 1805hours. When we reached it was 5 plus! Blame the parking slot.

We played the outdoor theme park. I can't believe that I took the roller coaster and the worse ride ever. The tall ride ever, forgot it's name. I swear NEVER to take it again, EVER! You know, I'm really scared of heights! REALLY.  We don't bring along our DSLR, we put it in the locker together with our belongings. So most of the outdoor photos were captured using Rudy's iphone. Wait till I got from him, I shall put it here lah! A little drama happened up there in Genting! Ask me ok!
After the freaked out rides, we walked around, and by that time, it's already night!

I love the weather! I love it! I love it! I love it! Can I stay here pls..

Why is it dark this photo? Blame it on Rudy.HAHA! I lazy to edit. Anyway all pictures here were NOT edited!

Time to go home, bye bye Genting! Till we meet again.

So, another 30 mins down to the mainland. But driving down is faster than driving up. Perhaps due to the gravity pull uh?

So we were totall hungry obviously! Hence, she brought us to her chill out place/cafe. It's called Naily's Place. I think it's spelled that way. Eh! I don't keep track of the spelling ok?

Very cool place to chill and chit chat, especially with my Quins or any of my friends.

This is cool, but if you ask me to sit here for hour and hours, please don't! You will regret, cus I will non-stop complaint of my kaki semut-semut (numb leg!) It looks so comfortable from far, but not for me to sit on it and just chill. Hell NO!

Rudy's steak.

And my fattening hugeee burger! Super delicious yet sinful!

Oh! we totally ate tooo much over there.
Too much of Starbucks, for 4D3N there we always starbucking! We're so hooked to the Toffee Nut drink!

We eat more than we shop!

I totally have fun there, and I hoped Rudy too. And seriously big THANK YOU to Farah for letting us stay at her place, taking care of us, showing us all around and of course for making our trip a splendid one! I seriously love her condo environment, peaceful and calm.That is so my mind of house to stay in. Not to forget KAKA the cat! :)

 If I can get hold of Rudy's iphone I promise I will download the videos and some pictures and upload it here.

That's all for our KL trip for now.

Day 2 KL

We went swimming early in the morning at her condo, just the 2 of us! More of get to know both of us better. Just for awhile, our bodies already had the tan lines! haha. But I tell you, DAMN shiok!

This was taken from her dining window, from here actually you can see Genting Highland! You can't see now cus it's covered with clouds, which means over there is freezingly cold! :)

You can even see KLCC! Loves her condo view!

Heading to Tesco Ampang shopping mart to do some marketing. And again, we're stuck with the heavy traffic.

She can even posed for me.

Very cheap stuffs here!

Her friend video called her, and that explain why she was doing that. Cus she was saying that she was with the cousins from S'pore, and faced the phone to us, and we said "Hello!" HAHA. I never see such people in our country do this, like make use of your 3G. Even if we do, we don't do it publicly! :)

Done with the marketing, next to KLCC!

I'm surpised with the long tunnel that leads to KLCC carpark from the highway.

We went aquaria. Only 28RM!

I wished I could keep this ticket! But not, have to give them back!

Ver old and fat fish, forgot what is it called.

In aquaria itself, we spent about an hour there, the place was huge! Our legs were sore after that.

Enough of aquaria, so walk around KLCC and had our lunch + dinner! HAHA.

We went back home after eating, to have some rest for the night to KL Downtown!

I miss Kaka!Only 5 months old, but very smart and cute!

That place start at 10pm-3am.

KL Downtown, just like PS. Except not so known to tourist. Clothes are cheap here, but not the fake shoes!

Rudy bought this huge lighter for 10RM. HUGEEEE!In need of lighter, ask him please!

We headed back home at 2am!And I'm already tired! It's only Day 2!

Day 3 updates, later!