Monday, November 30, 2009

Start of the Week.

Just a random thought from me to you.

nothing else matters.

It's December, baby!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Red is Sexy.

Our new camera bag.
Sexy right?
Love Red.
Thanks to my uncle for the special price!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Aidiladha 2009.

The belated birthday girl, with my self-made card and a little small gift from me.

Firas the big boy.

The Aunt of mine was distributing the Islam Calendar 2010 and these 2 Aunt of mine acted as if they just received their "graduation" cert. HAHA.

The one that birthday falls on Hari Raya Haji itself. Happy 11th Birthday! Great you love the present. :)

Singing birthday song. Guess who is the "leader" here.


Mr Brown for the day. I almost mistook my Uncle and Rudy.

The one that is always excited with her "duit raya".

He is too engrossed with the goody bag.

"Selamat Ali..Laya Haji".

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha, just from me to you.
Long weekends, and I love it!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanks P.

I was smiling from ear to ear when the P presented this Ferrero Rocher the black one to me and H just when we were about to make our way home.

I've been wanting to taste this edition for such a long time, and I felt so touched with this little gift.
 Thank you, P. :)  This really made my day.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Virtual Me.

Read Missy Teo's blog, and why not create one for myself. HAHA.

Does this really resembles me? Except the hair and specs. Not sure why I put the "peace" sign there. Purposely chose red for the colours, cus right now my favourite colour is "RAT" (read: RED) :)

Red is hot! Agree with me please.

Monday, November 23, 2009

For You.

Dear Rudy Love,

:) Ily.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

After 6 Days.

Finally! After 6 days, I'm tissue-free. :) Else, tissues would be my companion. I kept blowing those mucus away. I felt like I had tonnes of them in me. Yucks you know. I've lost count of how many tissue packets I've used up.

Not forgettting 2 days with no sense of taste. 

Worse flu bug ever. I swear!

Anyway, now what's left is just the leftover mucus, and phlegm. Ouh, forget to mention I've got cough too. But not that bad. I'm still cool with it. :)

Too much rest this week. Well, I think I need them. :)

Monday tomorrow! Think positive ya.

Love you! Yes, YOU!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Weird Facts.

This is just random. In case you still find it hard to understand me.

Now, when I'm sick I tend to be quiet and  be with myself. I'm normally lethargic and weak, well who's not?.
I expect someone to be nice to me, I mean extra nice. Cus when I'm sick, I'm pretty much emotional and fussy. Cus you see, I'm not the person who can suffer PAIN. Yes. even a slightest pain like headache, flu, fever or even jab. It could lead me to become one "cry baby". Easy to say, I'm very sensitive. I need that extra "tender-loving-care", irregardless who.  Maybe you may not see, but I will cry silently.

There was this one incident that happened to me 6 years ago, when I diagonised with Chicken Pox. I tell you, that was the WORST disease ever. I can't bear the pain seriously. I became an unpatience person, and I just want the Pox to stop growing or spreading. And ya, I cried everytime I applied the Calamine Lotion cus there were too much Pox and it scares me. But at least, there was someone who cooled me down and motivates me. And I had to endure 12 days just for that Pox to subside. And I really blamed my parents for letting me have that Chicken Pox at an old age. WHICH actually NOT THEIR FAULT. Cus I could not bear the pain. What kept me going, was the person who was once closed to me. I still could remember that vividly. I told myself and even swore that I will never ever get this disease ever AGAIN! I hate it.

I get pretty annoyed, not because I want to be an annoyed person. But just bear with me. Cus I'm sick.

One more thing besides me being sick and those days that I act like a "bitch" is when it's my PMS days. Oh, I admit I can be a total "bitch during those periods. I tried to control too ok but in the end, I'm the one who's hurt and again "cry like a baby".

So one wrong move from you, that's it ah!

This is just some random WEIRD facts about me.

So why can't just some of you understand.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Met one of my primary school friend, Hwee Ling for dinner last Sunday.  I was too bored staying at home, hence I randomly gave a call to her.

So camwhored at the open-space Flyer. We took multiple shots. Be it jumping, posing or sitting. And we totally forgotten that those people up in the flyer I assumed were looking at us. We just realised it after like 15 mins? HAHA.

From this,

to this,

to THIS,

or even to this,

We even tried jumping shots using the self-timer, it totally FAILED!

And we gave up, so we took a proper picture sitting down.

Not forgetting the "feeling-feeling" ANTM shot. HAHAHA.


More dates to come with her and one more from my primary school that is Yuting.

So when I got home after this, I got sick.up till now.  SIGH.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's Blocked.

Right now, my nose is block. I cannot breathe through my nose and it's so frustrating. I have to breathe through my mouth and it hurts. So tell me, how should I breathe now? I feel like crying silently now.

I realised coming to year end, my immune system is hay-wire. Last year in 2008,  I seldom fall sick. Except those normal flu. SIGH.

Time to be a good girl, an inject myself with supplements. Ya, Rudy and my mum has been continuously  nagging about me not eating the supplement. Ok chill I will eat it ok!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I love Friday.

Eversince I start my full time job, I love Friday and am always grateful on this very day. Also, it's time to let my hair down! hur hur.

So anyway, we went town yesterday with Rudy. Caught our late night movie, this time round it's  "2012". Awesome movie, but it's damn 3 hours long! The starting part was abit draggy, and as much as I'm trying to understand what their saying, I totally failed to so cus my eyes were too heavy to open. So I dozed off awhile. Awhile only hor!

Enjoy your weekends! :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm Cool.

I just need to blog these down.

I had a really bad day yesterday after like 46787433567878454 days of my life. I just don't know what to say.

First, I received an smsed which I think that was so unappropriate and no courtesy at all. I heck that. Destroyed my mood for a while, but I'm cool you know. COOL!

Next, I'm supposed to have tuition right cus it's Tuesday! So I went to the house, pressed the bell, no one was around. In the end, they forgotten about the tuition. They were already outside. So is it my fault for not reminding them? Normally, ONLY when the tuition is cancel or push another day, then I received an sms or call from them. I'm not angry at them. But I learnt my lesson. But at that moment, I'm angry at myself, cus I keep telling myself, "It's just not my day".  Again, I'm still cool. COOL OK!

Last! Which I hoped so, since there isn't any tuition I went back to CWP just so that I could return the DVD that I borrowed since I didn't want to pay the fine which is $1. I know it's a small amount. But still! I wouldn't want to pay the fine! So fine, upon reaching the shop, took out the DVD casing, and opened up the casing just to make sure the DVD disc was in there. You know what, NO DISC INSIDE! The damn disc was in my desktop, pc. %^&*(!!!! Do you know how I felt at that moment? 

I seriously felt like shooting myself. or even knocked myself to the wall! HAHA.
It's only 2 hours and so many things happened to me just like that! %^&*()!!!

But I kept cool. I think. I was mad at myself for that moment.

That Tuesday wasn't any other ordinary Tuesday I've had.

Today, is another day. :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Friday the 6th!

Last Friday, Me and Rudy went for an impromtu date. Actually, I decided to just catch a movie at our nearby cineplex, Cwp but Rudy decided to go town instead. And time checked, it's already 7.30pm. That's when I just reached home from work. Haa. Since it's been quite sometime that we had our late midnight movie, supper and stroll along the Orchard Road with people seeing us and we see people, so I agreed and I was as usual E-X-C-I-T-E-D! Eh, who not excited!? For once I thought, that night was a Saturday night! HAHA.
So we had no choice, we picked a movie which I really think it's not worth the money! We watched, "Jennifer's Body". So what, it's Megan Fox. I don't like her act like this especially in this character. Eee! I was hoping that I could watch "Love Happens" cus there's Jennifer Aniston or "My Sister's Keeper" due to Cameron Diaz. But there's not a single midnight slot for these 2 movies. Sad of course.

So we had our dinner (or is it supper?), or wait! where do we eat? (thinking plus scratch head) Ok, seriously, I totally forgotten where we had our meals. (still thinking..) Ouh ya! We went Marina Food loft! HAHAHAH.
Ok that, not important actually.

What's important, we brought our toy C along. And since the whole town place is gorgeously decorated with those Christmas lights. Rudy snapped, snapped here and snapped,snapped there! While I posed, posed here and posed, posed there! HAHA.
So while waiting for our movie to start, which I'm really not excited at all! HAHA. We sit and we walk and we snapped!

Reasons for this shot, which I requested Rudy to take, was because this reminds me of KL. HAHA. KL has this which obviously HALAL. And if I were to go KL this Dec, I want to drop by this restaurant.Perhaps they offers the best steaks in town!

Our movie starts at 1205 midnight! So what do you think?

We camwhored abit lah right! Ok not "we", but "ME"!

Time checked: 0230am (after movie!) while waiting for my NR2 to Woodlands.
Here's the lights along Esplanade. No so chio as Orchard! I love Orchard one!

So, we had our lovely,yet simple Friday date which I really thought it was a Saturday night! And with this man by side, the night is always young! :)


Ouh ya! I finally managed to watch "My Sister's Keeper" with Rudy of course. And I did cried not like a baby lah ok! , I'm not sure about Rudy. But I'm sure that movie really touches ones heart.

I'm abit hyper now, not sure why. HAHA.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Advance Moving on to 2010.

I did continued my service again for another year. :) with a little bit of increment. :) Now, it's already November, soon it's going to be Mid-November. After which it will be December. And it's time to reflect what fruitful things I've done. In fact, I'm already beginning to do some self-reflection on myself, whenever and wherever I am alone. Some things I things I wished I could have done better, while some are not. Well it depends you see. Nah! Will continue about this maybe in December!

Some random information here, Rudy now is in reservists. Yet AGAIN! And now for 2 daysweeks. You know this APEC going on, that's partly the reason why he's been called in again! Well, not that he need to be stayed in for 2 freaking weeks. No! Thank God for that! :)

hur hur.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Last Minute.

Both of us got a last minute call from the GO to bring the "kids" to Science Centre.  So, I think I'm the one who was more excited than the students! HAHA. Both of us had fun just like those students.

Too bad the excursion only lasted not more than 2 hours. After a while we get bored and tired. HAHA. too many students roaming around.

We came across this mirror. Can't recalled the name of it. This mirror made us looked FAT. As for me, I looked totally short and stout! Perhaps us, 30 years down the road? NEVER. I still want to be that hot mamas lah ok.

What Colour Is Your Life?

So what colour is your life? I chose PINK. Happy and funky. Also it comes with black sexy black back cover. So I can change it whenever I feel like it, to suit my mood. :)
Well, basically this is just a basic touch phone and it's TEMPORARY for me. My luxury brown (F480), Rudy is holding on to it, and I felt that I got no chemistry with that phone. Sorry, LB! I hoped LB had a good chemistry with his new owner ya. :)

Very basic touch screen, and I'm still FAITHFUL to Samsung. Love you! But the interface, are much better that my LB! It's available to exclusive M1 dealers for now. Not sure the rest of the dealers.I just grabbed it, cus it's kind of affordable. Furthermore, I just re-contract 1 of the line. I got multiple lines ah, but all M1 ok.

Know why it's temporary? Cus there's rumours, Iphone will be available to M1 dealers too! Beside Singtel.HAHA. So, when I asked the M1 seller, it's confirmed! End of this year! Woo hoo. I can get an Iphone from Singtel if I want to, but I choose not. Cus I don't want multiple subscibers.

And I can't wait.