Monday, March 30, 2009

Just an Update.

Here's just an update about what has happened recently. The school held their Sports Day @ CCK Stadium, and I'm there to "so called" support the kids there. I was reluctant join them as I'm not even had a duty there and actually I'm not involved with that event. But my in-charge allowed me to go there and witness their sports day. So why not,since if I'm stuck in school, there's not much things I would do and no one in school except the GOs people. So, it's my 1st time attending their events and it's time for me to be thick-skinned to introduce myself since that's when I can see ALL the teachers in the school right? And also that's when they SEE me. Some still don't feel my presence in that school you see.
Most importantly, I had fun with the rest of the teachers. It very much reminds me of my secondary school days. SIGH.

They had cheerleading competitions. 
With the teacher-to-be, these girls just joined the school. One is a Maths teacher and the other an Art teacher. New kakis, but they will be joining NIE soon. Ouh! It's really hot that day, cus the event was held on the afternoon. Weird lor, normally such event always happens in the morning. 

We were at town on Saturday, and while waiting for our midnight movie to start we went Timezone(ing!) .HAHA. I played the truck with the big steering wheel, but didn't managed to complete the given task with the given timing, so lose lor! HAHA. Same goes to Fiance. We spent 15 dollars there,for the both of us.  Eh, long time never go arcade can?! 

ok, I want to watch Slumdog millionaire now. 

Friday, March 27, 2009


I watched this with fiance yesterday. Erm, actually I dragged him, cus for the past few movies we've watched, it's always his movie! Like, Street Fighter, Dragonball (eventhough the dragonball guy is cute!), another one I've forgotten. So, I plead him to watch this for now at least for my sake :) HAHAHHA.

Now tell me, who wouldn't love shopping? I love shopping too as much as I love fiance. :) But I'm not gonna be till like that Blum lady in this movie. Go catch it for fun and humour.

Talking about that shopaholic, after the movie we dropped by Cotton On. Not only dropped by, I shopped and spent close to 100 bucks there. I've never spent so much before. Close to 100 bucks for 5 items at one time.

5 items are:
Sandal (brown)
Pumps (i love their pumps over there, so comfortable and I've already own 10 of them. and all got worn off so at times I got the same colour or different!this time i got the dark brown!)
2 Tops
1 Man Shirt

I felt so sinful after that when I zoomed at the receipt. But no regrets, BIG BIG BIG THANKS to Nadiah for giving me the discounts. Appreciated it a lot.

So now, I just did my confessions. :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tag Back.

The tagboard is back by popular demand. :)

Another New Friend Found.

Look, my toy now has a company! :) 

Not that exciting and surprised but it makes me happy whenever I look at them during my busy times. :) 
Call me freak. 

Monday, March 23, 2009

Kinder Joy

I'm collecting these, and I shall arrange them in my workspace. So far I've got 2. Another one is at home. Keep forgetting to bring it to work. :) I love Kinder Surprise (the old version) now it's Kinder Joy. Where can I still find the old Kinder Surprise?Please get for me if you seen one. 

The tiny toy.
Kinder Joy.

Too much of PB.

I guess too much of PB is no good, cus I had a nightmare yesterday. That I'm one of the convict. HAHA. and trying to escape what I don't know! Ouh no. .in that dream I'm like part of them;the PB team. HAHA. Just that  Scoffield isn't in my dream. :( WTH!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Time To Update.

I'm back gorgeous! I mentioned in my previous post that I'm going to delete my blog(spot) and move to somewhere else ya? The reason I intend to do that is because I feel that this blog is going to be dead and actually , I don't have the mood to blog. Just plain lazy and tired. Tired of what, I don't know. Maybe tired of blogging. Well, if you gorgeous have been religiously viewed/read my blog just to know my latest updates,I sincerely and deeply apologised that I put a messaged on my blog as "Under Construction" just so that you all don't read my blog. I've been in deep thoughts whether to continue or discontinue and TODAY I have made a decision that this piece of blog does not ONLY belongs to me, but to US; Fiance and me. I've informed him. But that is up to him to feature his story here. Kind of interesting I guess. I will not force him to pen down his thoughts here but of course like all of you know that I'm still the MAIN owner of this blog. Muahahahha. But again, that is up to him. :) Now, let's wait for his very first entry shall we?

Let me share what I have gone through this week, before tomorrow start.
Well, this week is actually the School holiday, hence working in school at this period of time has rather been relaxed. Not to what I expected. Practically,I came to work and wait for work to end. I do have some work, but that is not like the OVERwork you get during the school hours. But I just have to appreciate it.As I know I won't have the luxury of this once the school holiday is over. :)
Next, I just finished watching PB (Prison Break) Season 3 & 4 today. You may call me backdated or what, but I enjoyed watching them. I used to get the PB supplies from my school mates back then in poly, but it stopped until Season 3 first few episodes. And just few days ago, this student approach me to guide him with the dreamweaver, and popped a question about PB. I was so excited to hear that he got the Season 3 & 4. =) hence, being a ood boy he rushed back to his home just to get me that CDs on the very same day. =) Now, I'm patiencely waiting for the Season 5.

Me and Fiance are doing good. I think we're like super glue you know the Elephant brand? we just stick and stick. hehehe.
not that we see each other 24/7 but after we're declared engaged, our life's changed to be better. no more the BGR problem and I'm sure to those who has already engaged would have the same feeling and thinking as me. :)  
I can never ask for more.

I think this is a super long entry, and tomorrow I will be seeing the big kids again. :) 

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I feel like like closing this blog space of mine here, and moved somewhere else. am still thinking.
what do u all think?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I love Melly.

Seriously, I love all her songs - Melly Goeslow. She's hot ok.
that explains why her song is on my blog now. I heard it from Ria 89.7 this morning, and I fell in love with it. =) HAHAH.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Heavy Traffic.

Who was stuck in the heavy traffic towards BKE - CTE - City this morning? Haaa.I'm one of them. I was stuck for almost 20 mins! Not sure what's wrong cus I don't see any accident along the expressway. Usually it will be towards the KJE that is having the heavy traffic. The traffic is so "heavy" that most of the vehicle used the ROAD SHOULDER. They don't give a damn lor. HAHA. Soon after, the bus that I took too followed. When one does, the rest will follow. HAHA.
Very unexpected heavy traffic.
Well, I'm not complaining but I'm sure those who work in town area will be greatly affected. Especially those who stood up throughout his/her journey to work. It's not fun at all lor.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Dedicated to Quins.

So Quins, shall we do this dance together? HAHA.

i thought their dancing steps are rather easy =)

Summary of My Weekends.

Well, like what I've stated in my previous post, I've got an intensive training from 9am - 4pm at the main office. It's not that draggy afterall cus we had ice - breaker to warm up everybody and get to know those who just joined us. :) and thanks to my colleauge, during the ice-breaker I was sabo-ed. and I had to kneel down as a guy and proposed. Damn paisey I tell you. But I'm being sporting and shy at the same time, I did what I was told. :) The worse thing, I've got a terrible flu in which I've got blocked nose which If felt really sick at one point of time cus I felt my eyes teared.  

I felt really sick after that, but that didn't stop me from meeting these bunch of crappy people - my poly mates.

 Taufiq, Elaine and Farhana. So we went Jalan Kayu > Yishun Dam > Amk Macdo Garden (for ice-cream!)  Thanks Elaine for driving us around and sending us home.  So,next meet up?

I was really sick after that, that I reached home at 9pm. Popped flu pill, and I went to bed as early as 9.30pm. Break record so far. HAHA. Usually Saturday, nightlife mah!  I needed those rests actually. 

I felt much better after I woke up and I felt so bored. :) Messaged Fiance to bring me out. But Fiance was still sleeping. Boo! So I waited and waited. :s   And finally he replied my messaged and we met on the evening, and headed to Lau Pa Sat for dinner. I was really hungry that I became grumpy and cranky. HAHA. 

We're totally full after that! HAHA. and I'm one happy,happy girl cus Fiance brought me out. else, I'll be more sick staying at home. We then walked till Esplanade to take our bus home. 
I want to thank my fiance for bringing me out. :) Thanks hor! :p

Friday, March 6, 2009

It is Intensive.

Just received a mass email from my manager. It's for tomorrow training.

It says,

"Lunch will be provided. As this is an intensive training, please rest welltonight and come with a sharp mind. Do bring writing material to record important points. Though it says that we will end it at 4PM, the timing is subject to change. For example group discussion or presentation demand additional time or traning started late due to staff punctuality, etc."

very intensive lor. Have a mercy on me please, anyone?

Mild Headache

i'm having this mild headache. since yesterday actually. perhaps i'm needed that much rest. This whole week, i'm teaching the Sec 2s, the whole level okay. and it's pretty much stressful as they're already a teenager. so they actually absorb all my energy and by the end of the day, i'm already like a zombie. =) nevertheless, they're just a bunch of students who are playful just like me back then in secondary school.

So, for tomorrow I'm still not looking forward cus I had to report to my main office at 9! -_-
As usual, our monthly routine. But tomorrow is exception, the GM is from 9-5pm. Practically it's eating up the whole of Saturday.
I can't wait after that. Will be meeting my poly mates - Elaine, Farhana & Taufiq for dinner at Jalan Kayu. Haha, these bunch of funny people.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Miss Brown

since i got myself LB (read: luxury brown - new hp) i love brown, hence that explain this template of mine. i'm running out of ideas hence that explain why my blog is so plain. hehehehee. i'm very tired, sometimes i don't know what to do next where actually i know what to do. in short, im beginning to have that STM. :) 
i'm waiting for next week to happen. =)
i love my LB! ah, maybe i should call my hp, LB!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


trully exhausted.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Luxury Brown.

Meet my new toy -Samsung-F480 :) Well, my hp is giving me trouble TWICE. Without hesitation, i get this in luxury brown. thought of getting PINK. but nah, so not me. thought of getting BLACK, but bored with black, thought of getting GREY, but to boring. I want something classy so i got the luxury brown. Well, that's the ACTUAL name of the phone colour okay!

Well, I love and will always support Samsung. :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Manhattan @ JB.

yesterday, Fiance and me headed to Tebrau city, JB for some shopping but our main objective is to try the Manhattan over there since there is only one outlet in JB. Sadly, the food we ordered trully disappoint us! :( but, it's cheap! Even after you convert the rate, over there is still cheaper. Anyway, as per normal, we ordered the food and share between us, but it's not as filling as the one in S'pore lor. :s especially the quantity of the food.
tan @ jb.
okay, time to place our orders.
and, so the drinks came first - Ice Peach Tea for him & Orange twist for me.

Our first appetizer - Fried Oyster. 
And of course our signature dish (a must have @ manhattan!) and also our second appetizer - Garlic Mussels. 
and lastly, our main course - okay, i forgot the name of this, but it serves with prawns, calamari, fish & chips and also the garlic rice which i thought it doesn't taste garlic rice at all! 

and so, we were  at JB the whole of Saturday, and i apologized cus i woke up late. really late. our initial plan was to meet at 10am, but something goes wrong with my phone, and woke up late instead. and so i received 42 missed calls from fiance! WOAH. i woke up an hour later that is 11.25am, and get dressed and waited for him to reach my place as he need to pass my parents anniversary present. you can't expect us to carry that-quite-big present to jb right? 
bought some stuffs from there, and reached S'pore back at 9pm. Really tired. 
but it didn't end there, we caught Marley & Me at 11.30pm at CWP. HAHAH.