Monday, March 1, 2010


I'm over here at the moment :

Don't say I don't inform hor!


Over the weekends, both me and Rudy attended our Pre-Marriage Course. It was a 2 full-day course. From 9am to 5.30pm ok. It was indeed a long course. Very tiring, but fun and it's a 1 step closer to Marriage.
This course had also brought me and Rudy closer, give a better understanding about both me and Rudy. Have a future planning, it was fun and funny when I have to plan with Rudy what will happen in years to come. And of course we were seated in groups with our partner beside, and we are lucky to be seated with great people!At least, it's not that BORING. haha.
Not forgetting, the 2 Tea Breaks we had each day.

And of course, at the end of the day, these are what we are looking forward to right! A certificate to Marriage. Without this, you can't go and register and without this you cant get married. HAHA.

A bonus question from them : Why do we get married?
Ans: We get married, when we feel comfortable and calm when we are with our partner anytime, anyday and forever.

Am I ready now?

I can proudly say, I am ready.

Counting months baby!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Fit as a Fiddle.

Welcome back to....Me!
I'm back to work today. MC since 070210 to 190210. Cool or whaaat! But you know, ain't cool. Cus I'm 90% at home, resting, sleeping and FB-ing.

But it's a good one.


I'm thankful with all these people around me:

Mum - for taking care of me since I'm out from the A & E. With the food, bathed my hair for me when I can't lift up both my elbows from Day 1 to Day 4.

Rudy - for wheeling me to A & E and be there with me with the doctor. And also, taking off day specially for my medical check up.Not to forget, spoon-feeding me like a baby since I can't feed myself!  Also, ensures that I'm fine always.

Rudy's friend - For driving me to A & E Changi Hospital. And, during the accident ensured that I've not lost too much blood on my forehead.

Grandma - For your continuously daily massaging on both my elbows without fail. Still doing it now.

Aunties - For your great support,prayers and calls to make sure I'm ok. And those Aunts who visited me during my MC days, Thank you so much!

Shima and Narz - for the chilling session cum watching Percy Jackson & Lightning Thief! That was a much needed one, as I was too bored at home and to make things worse the thick bandaged on my right elbow!

Those FB-ers - for your sweet and concern messages!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Check up.

Went back to the hospital clinic with the company of Rudy of course to get my bandaged open. Like finally, though it felt so different, and I don't ever want to put it again, therefore I tried to be cool with the elbow proving to the doc that my hand is OK. It's ok, just a daily massage from my Grandma should be fine. Furthermore, it's suffocating and HEAVY with that bandaged!

And now I can type with TWO hands! but of course, slightly pain there. But I need to be strong ya?

Anyhoos, doc gave me another 2 days of MC. That is cause, I still feel the sharp pain in my chest whenever I cough, sneeze, hiccup and even laugh!

It's horror ok whenever I recall back about the incident.

And I will absolutely will not forget this moment.

070210; Changi General Hospital.

and this, is BEFORE this "humpty dumpty had a great fall".

Now, if you were to ask me to go cycling, I will tell you, "Let me think about it".
Ya, I'm still traumatised with that FALL.

Speedy recovery for me :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010


(typing with one hand...)

Last Sunday was supposed to be a fun outing with Rudy & Friend and his kid but it turned to be disaster in just 15 mins! I fell off from the bike, not fell I think Rudy said,I flipped over and therefore I got myself a deep 1/2 inch cut on my forehead, full of blood! And, both arms still in pain, but right arm now is under observation hence  my right arm is now bandage.
It's not fractured nor broken, don't worry.

It's still horror ok, cus I still have nightmares about the falling part. And I think I'm not going to ride a bicycle, let say for the rest of my life?

I have 10 days of mc, and now it's already Day 4 and I am already bored to death!

I will elaborate moe next time, it's not easy to type with 1 hand only ok!

I'm fine and Take care you all, have a great & long weekends.

Friday, February 5, 2010


I feel like shifting this entire blog to another.
What say you?

but the thought of arranging the layouts, is already horror!


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Surprise Visit (Cont..)

After fetching them at Town, we made our way to Zam Zam to have the murtabaks.

Caught for using iPhones.

Since the guests wanted to go Esplanade, we brought them there for picture taking.

And the best shot I liked so far, is this shot and actually this shot was for testing purpose.
It will be perfect if, Khai's in. :)

Till next time!

It feels great to be able to walk around with 2 celebrities! Guess who? :)

Anyway, it's so funny and weird. The day before, I was viewing my KL trip picture that I took using my iphone, and as I was viewing those pictures, I came across Kaka's the cat. Remember that cute cat? Small corner of my heart, I miss those moments in KL. And the next day I woke up I received a text messaged from Rudy saying that his cousin was here. I asked which COUSIN? I was thinking the one in JB. And Rudy mentioned her name instead. I was ecstatic of course. And we don't mind cancelling our plan just for them.
And, this weird and funny thing is not the only one.
The next one was, same thing the day before that day, Rudy and me were talking about our ex-staff in Surf & Turf, Yan. Suddenly we our topic is about him and how is he doing now. And the next thing that could happened, was that we bumped into him at City Hall MRT station while waiting for our train back home! Speaking of the devil!


And maybe I could try this, thinking of huge lumsome of money and the next thing the money appear in front of me. How about that? HAHAHA. Obviously that won't happen at all!

(pictures taken from our camera, Farah's iphone and Khai's camera)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Surprise Visit.

Farah and her bf & friend, made a pleasant surpised visit to Sg last Sunday. Rudy and me already had planned to go elsewhere, when she made a phonecall to Rudy that she was already HERE. HAHA. At that time, I just woke up. Ok, last Sunday I woke at 2.15pm to be exact!

We travelled by public. And it was so nice and sweet to see her & boyfie last Sunday. More pictures to be uploaded real soooooon.

Pardon that leper (flat) hair, cus I touched up my hair the day before. And I seriously couldn't decide to bang that fringe or sideway it. But I banged it in the end, and right now I sideway-ed it. Haaaaa.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kukukukuku uuuuu.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Ok, finally tomorrow is Thursday.  :p Nothing exciting happening, but I'm just glad that I made through this far of the week. Wednesday is my most busiest day ever. And just for the record today, I knocked off at 7pm. CCA starts from 4 - 6pm.

 But I beginning to love my cca boys & girls. I have few bunch who is too cute and too noisy to entertain. 

These 2 usually sits in front of me. Directly in front of me. And they will giggle and giggle between themselves, I cannot take it cus I WANT TO LAUGH. It's just so funny. One wear braces, the other one not.Both SHORT.  The other one will talk, the other will giggle. Gosh. Everytime I tried to stay stern or nag at them both, I will end up smiling. But I pretend to be serious eventhough inside me I BUAY TAHAN! Well, they're just sec 2. 

And there is the another one, who will keep talking, and at times whatever comes out from his mouth, doesn't make sense. But I know he just wants my attention. I find it funny. And everytime, I explain the process, he will keep quiet like as if he is being attentive, but actually NOT. He will STILL ask me again eventhough I JUST explained. JUST here refers to 30 seconds ago. Buay tahan sia! And when I start to nag, he will, "Ok,Ok Cher! I know, I know" And I will replied, "Ah, you know you know. Then later ask me again!" 

I'm taming those students to behave and also understand the meaning of Work & Play.  

Monday, January 25, 2010


Yesterday, I got a sweet cweet date with Rudy. It was too sweet cweet that we caught 2 cweet movies. How cweet and crazy idea was that?! It's been quite sometime we had a sweet cweet date, you know. :p

So we watched,

Tooth Fairy,


Reason why?
Rudy has his new working schedule, unlike his previous.Anytime also I can meet him. But not for now,remember we are on a (M)isson?

Of course it's not a straightaway-watch-another movie kind lah! wahlaoei.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Again, I'm down with flu. :( Blocked nose, followed by running nose.

I have this thing in me, if I over-work myself, I'm like this; Flu. And when I'm done with flu, of course Tonsils too.  :(

I need to chill.

 But I cannot. Too many things to do/handle/manage/settle or whatever you call it. :s I can't afford myself to go on mc. Trying my best NOT to.
Anyway, I need to chill and rest.

Monday, January 18, 2010

2 Wheels 4 Pedals.

Yesterday, Rudy and I went cycling. Usually we cycle individually, but yesterday was an exception. We cycled doubled on a single bike! Never done that before, but it was purely fun!

We got to share stories together, cycled together,getting unbalanced together (with the bike!). Oh, we could even discussed what our upcoming plans going to be WHILE riding on the bike! Awesome.

Since yesterday was a Sunday, I wished that the day could be longer :( . You know, time flies when you're having fun!

I'm very much contented and grateful to have you by my side. Always.
(minus that face expression there!Please eh, you got to try harder!hehehehehe)  

So anyway, since we went cycling for almost 2 hours, I expected to have a body ache or whatever ache today. But NOT! That's good! That's good! Who knows tomorrow kena?!

Monday 18th.

Today, I very busy with designing, designing and MORE DESIGNING.
Deadline? Everything has to be printed TOMORROW MORNING.


Ok bye.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Extracted from Rudy's latest messaged for me, "Dnt wori we will do other tings 2gether k ...etc.." And I was deeply touched.

I know, it has been a roller coaster ride for us especially when the date is sort of NEAR. It seems like it's just like last year I got engaged, but hey! it's been almost 2 years this year.
Who say we're perfect? We are close to perfect but we're not. We too have our ups and downs, happy and sad, stress and frustration. But what keeps us going, is our strongest believe and compromise with each other.

Needless to say, I need him he need me. We need we.

I know we can do it! Jia Yo!

Friday, January 15, 2010


Just a quick one here. Here's some pictures from the Engagement me and the family attended at JB last Sunday. It's Rudy's cousin, Ekin got engaged with of course the man that she love, Ariel.  It was a pretty simple yet elegant kind of engagement. We Sheila, another of Rudy's cousin borrowed our dslr and took all the pictures instead. We just laid back and enjoyed the the occasion.  Furthermore, this time round, my parents were there too.

From her to him Gubahan. It's gorgeous, I must admit! Oh, wait till you see the "him to her" Gubahans.

The theme for this cupcakes - Wriggles. Got this ordered from Cupcake-momma.  It's a small gift from me to her. :) Oh, so amazingly delicious!

And so, the sebelah lelaki sudah sampai lah! (Guy side reached!)

Look what these Uncles were carrying. The "Him to her" Gubahan. Very sweeeeet!

The theme was just so perfect for this girl, Ekin.

You look gorgeous here, babe!

The newly engaged lady with a newly wed lady.  Their Sisters.

My Parents and Rudy's.

Ekin & Ariel

Congrats once again,

-Rudy Izzati

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I'm super busy this week. Busy just like a Superman saving the world! Haa.
and this week itself, the moment I got home, all I could think is to lay down on my bed! Not even shower. But of course ah, I have to drag my feet, my butt, my mind and body to the toilet! And I even suffered from constipation this week! the more lazy I am to just sit at the toilet bowl and wait and wait. Normally I would. :)

Now, I'm waiting for the handouts I prepared for students to finish printing, too lazy to go down to the Big Printer place to have the massive printing. Aiya, 20 handouts only. Then, after that Staple! Must staple what right.

Tomorrow I start class. And tomorrow is Friday. :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I'm so sleepy right now, major one ok! And now I'm trying hard to stay awake while doing my work. I can't of course. -____-

Just 5 mins of closing my eyes is enough, but right now I can't do it!

Monday, January 11, 2010

RP Flash Mob

Go RP, but this flash mob has to be improved! :)

Back To Reality.

Ouh well, I'm back and will be back with pictures!

Erm, soooon?

Friday, January 8, 2010

My Weekends.

Let me just say, this weekends is not like my any other weekends. :(
I need to report Hq from 9am to 3pm. It's the compulsory GM. Hah, cannot escape at all.
Then, at 4pm I need to rush and fetch the cupcakes that I ordered. It's some sort of a gift from me to Rudy's cousin that's going to get engaged on the THIS Sunday.
You think I can make it?
AFTER that, I need to go teach the Twins! That is already been scheduled every Saturday. Just that for tomorrow's sake I pushed the time to a later date. And tomorrow's lesson going to be 2.5 hours LONG! CAN YOU IMAGINE? Cus I can imagine myself, dozing off with eyes wide open (I can do that ok!) . But normally, no matter how tired I am, the Twins will always come up with their funny antics. So not too bad. UNLESS, they too are tired. And I'm screwed,cus it will be me whose going to perk them up. Maybe I should give them sweets whenever they behaves/ do their work and get all correct. At least they're excited and when they're excited, I'm awake. Any suggestions not? Anyway, they're kind that's easily excited. HAHA.
So ok, after all those HOOO-HAAA stuffs/errands, you might think I still have my Sunday right? Ya right, I doubt I can wake up late the next day, cus me and the Parents are going JB. Not sure what time, that depends on Rudy. Oh! it's Rudy's cousin engagement. Confirm, it will be a full day there. I'm going to beg Rudy to be there just halfday, can? HAHA.

You see, I am that kind of person that if I never get that sufficient rest, I will turn into a grumpy person. Which it's not good lah, but normally I tried my best to go with the flow so that I won't hurt anyone,especially the one that's closes to me, Rudy. :) But since it's not my P month, I should be ok lah ah? hehehe.

Nevermind, I can do it one.
(Alah, limit-limit Monday tu MC ajer ape! )

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

09 Retreat

Staff Retreat 09, November.

And just gotten these pictures recently, cus the vendor took quite sometime to process it. HA!
Anyway, I only upload the pictures that only have me in it ok.

09 Staffs.
p/s :spot me if you can! don't think you can!

Getting to know each other, and this segment is about finding a person whom you have not spoken to since the day you join. Quite tough though, but well some cheat! HAH. Eh, I've spoken almost everyone here ok. If not at least, I SMILED.

Blowing balloons. Tough ok, especially when the hosts gave us the small size balloons. We need to blow as many as we can.

Lack of breath.

So those tiny balloons were meant to stuff in this big shirt so that I looked as if I'm "muscular"!And you know why?

Scissors-paper-stone game were being played. Whoever loses, will have topoke my "muscular" body that's the balloons.

It's ticklish ok! Super ticklish!

Why I'm standing cus I still have many balloons in me, and which means my team won! HAHA. I think? Cannot remember lah! Obviously, it's trully embarrasing to stand on the chair, where everyone were all seated on the floor. Yes, throughout this event, most of the time we were forced to sit on the floor. We only stood up during the games session. :s

I'm huggable! :)

Peace! It's been a year I've been part of them.
And I'm still now.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January the 2nd!

So it's already the day 2 of school, kids! 
But I'm here already overload with work. What else, administration work lah! Still coping so far. 

For the past 2 days, I've had trouble of sleep! Mind is tired but body not. Used too much brain I guess. But I'm not complaining ok. I love my job. I love my job. :)

Twins tuition has been reduced to just 1.5hrs instead of 2 during the weekdays. Thank God! Else, I'm going to be sleep walking to my house. 

I'm actually HUNGRY right now. I don't know what's the point of this entry also. HAHA!

Ok bye. 

*waiting fish-o-fillet from my mum!

Monday, January 4, 2010


Back to school for the kids and to start the day, it's raining heavily! So jam pack everywhere.

Looking at the Sec 1s just now, you know like blur-blur sotong like that. So cute. Cus they're seated accordingly with the help of the ushers;Student Leaders. And it's their orientation week.  I see parents too. Don't worry Parents, just let them be independant since they're already big boys and girls!

Battle starts today. Get ready all your helmets!

ok, work already staring at me.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

It's 2010.

Goodbye 2009, Welcome 2010 and of course another year older this year.

It's fast isn't it?

Nevermind, may this year I have the patience and persevere in any challenges that strikes me. :)

You see doubles? They're twins, been teaching them since July last year and counting. Now they're in P2. Both of them are different and special in any other ways. They're just too adorable.

We left our "boys" behind and went shopping. But shopping with our vouchers. So fun and tiring! We didn't even have time to eat and sit. Instead, we WALK and eat.

Not all is mine, HAHA.

And lastly, our feet gave up and went Spinelli's to have Hot Chocolates. Really goood!

Abbey is my childhood friend of mine. We've been together since I don't know when. What we know our parents have this special bonding in them. Love you babe!

Before I end this entry,

My crazy Fiance; Rudy suggested we had a mini Bbq at his place. And today, I'm being extra LAZY, cos I'm preserving my Sunday. But we had fun. My parents joined after that, and we had the bbq just outside his corridor.
But what's up with the broom his holding eh? Please lah, the broom can put one side what! 

I'm so full now please. I should sleep now.

By the way, I was at the Esplanade on NYE to witness the fireworks, but I was indeed upset with it. Don't know why, but the kick just not there!

Ok, I should sleep now. Bye.