Friday, April 24, 2009

4NBs & 5NBs.

dear lovely friends, 
please be informed that the gathering for 4NBs and 5NBs people, are STILL ON ok. 
here it goes :

I have decided to have lunch cum dinner cum supper or what you call it, to be at SEOUL GARDEN @ MARINA SQUARE. 
Meeting time: 3PM sharp! 
Attire: Smart Casual 
Meeting point: Outside SEOUL GARDEN 

Whoever, disagree with this plan or have better plan PLEASE VOICE OUT your opinion. Aww, don't be shy lah ok. Else, we will go as plan. 

Please state that you're going IF you really are going. I'm sure you're excited, as I'm more SEX-CITED to meet you all! So please, cooperate and meet. HAHA. The more the merrier what right! 
Also, I might not be able to get those numbers, but please help to pass the message. And informed me please. So I can take note. Cus must mark ATTENDANCE MAH later! HAHA. 
Last but not least, I'm looking forward to all of your respond. :) 

ps: don't forget bring cameras! :P the ugly photo will be posted here @ facebook! HAHAH.