Sunday, June 7, 2009

Across the Border.
Rudy's cousin in JB got engaged yesterday, and I'm there to witness the ceremony. You know, it's a little bit different from Singapore and JB.  Also, it's my first time there with his side and a little bit awkward. Well, first time is always awkward lah hor, but it's fun and one of a great experience for me.  I got to cling on to Rudy's Sis camera, and I did snapped beautiful pictures, but the camera now with his Sister. Will try to get it from her. 

So anyway, here's the bride -Rudy's cousin. 
Ah, this picture was taken from their photographer. HAHA, I managed to friend friend with the photographer. Took it from his blog. Okaylah, steal.  Maybe I can consider him as my wedding photographer, since he haven't fly to SG to promote his services.
All that people actually "takda kena mengena" with me. I just want to take a  shot with the bride. But since they're her friends and their in the room together so I told the photographer to take picture together. One of them is the make-up person. Make a guess... And this picture appear on that photographer blog. HAHA, feeling famous ah gitu cus my picture come out in another person blog. HAHHAHAHA. ok, seriously. GOT NOTHING TO DO WITH ME. hehehe.
View it if you know what I meant.  Click here to view.

We got home, 1am yesterday due to jam at the Causeway and our Cab got accident. That one another NO MEANING story. Really drained out. But it was one of a great experience for me.  :)