Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mr Policeman.

As usual, before our movie starts, we will visit the Arcade next to the movie theatre. We will play one or two games to satisfy ourselves. Erm, not to satisfy me but to Rudy more. Ah! For me, it depends on my mood :) .So anyway, Rudy has been wanting to try out this Japanese game. It requires your body movement as the machine has a sensor for it. Very creative, and yet tiring according to Rudy. This game is like a police and thief shooting game, where you hold the gun firmly and when the enemy attack you, you have to avoid it by moving away from the screen. Else, you will be shot dead and eventually you lose the game.  Hence, if you want to know what I meant, do take a close look at this video. :) 

Ah, Rudy's being a gentleman asking me to play this game! Ouh, yesterday I was wearing dress and HELL NO I'm going to play that with so many people around. No way! No way! No joke okay! 

Transformers was AWESOME. AWESOME! 
"Eh, dear let's watch it again okay?!" 
I don't mind watching it for the 2nd, the 3rd, the 4th or the 5th! It's really worth your money.