Friday, July 24, 2009

Buay Tahan.
Have you all catch this movie? I think you should and have a really good laugh!
I catched this movie with Fiance, and boy! did we laughed real hard. I laughed till I tears rolled down my cheeks and Fiance laughed till he cannot laugh! Seriously, damn hilarious and some adorable scenes especially when the baby was born.
And I think the 3D version is worth it to watch. I don't mind watching it again. Perhaps the 3D version. Anyone game for it? HAHA, do nudge me. :0

I'm having this flu symptons. And my throat I could feel the soarness. I've been sneezing, not the kind of the normal sneeze you know. And body feels really tired. :s
I hoped I'm fine.HAHAHAH.

By the way, I turned 23 2 days ago. :) And I love the presents from Love and Parents. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I love you.

And I've received countless of birthday wishes from FB, SMS or even at work. I don't know what to say, but THANK YOU, lovelies! Those who I can't get to reply, perhaps my busy schedules or I overlooked at your SMSes, I apologized with a BIG THANK YOU. Thanks for remembering my birthday for all these years I have known you,people! :) You know who you are. :)
Thanks for being there for me.
AND! To these 2 good friends of mine who dedicate a birthday song over the phone and MMS it to me when the clock striked 12! That's amazing! I'm really impressed. Initially I thought they "pakat" but NOT! HAHA. I wish I could upload those 2 recordings up here, but since it's an EXCLUSIVE ones, they requested me not to upload it here or anywhere online! HAHA. Alright, alright!

Again, THANK YOU. :)


Rosli Arof / Photografik said...

salam...maaf terlewat wish...Selamat Harilahir, moga pjng umur and murah rezeki...

p/s:actually my birthday pun 7hb ogos haritu... :-)