Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Hint.
if last year i don't have a wishlist, how about this year i make one?
Ah, there you go!Not much lah okay? 
HAHA, it's for fun actually. So that I will look forward to my birthday this year. Anyway, it's not 21st lah right, so I don't expect much. 
Dah tua pun!
Let me share the BIGGEST gift I've gotten/received ever since I turn 21. 
When I turn 21, I've gotten my driving license. That I couldn't ask for more! 
When I turn 22, I got ENGAGED with of course,my other half. Though it falls on his 2* birthday! THE MORE I couldn't ask for more!
So what's in store for me this year when I turn 23 in about 2 weeks time?