Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Surprise Visit (Cont..)

After fetching them at Town, we made our way to Zam Zam to have the murtabaks.

Caught for using iPhones.

Since the guests wanted to go Esplanade, we brought them there for picture taking.

And the best shot I liked so far, is this shot and actually this shot was for testing purpose.
It will be perfect if, Khai's in. :)

Till next time!

It feels great to be able to walk around with 2 celebrities! Guess who? :)

Anyway, it's so funny and weird. The day before, I was viewing my KL trip picture that I took using my iphone, and as I was viewing those pictures, I came across Kaka's the cat. Remember that cute cat? Small corner of my heart, I miss those moments in KL. And the next day I woke up I received a text messaged from Rudy saying that his cousin was here. I asked which COUSIN? I was thinking the one in JB. And Rudy mentioned her name instead. I was ecstatic of course. And we don't mind cancelling our plan just for them.
And, this weird and funny thing is not the only one.
The next one was, same thing the day before that day, Rudy and me were talking about our ex-staff in Surf & Turf, Yan. Suddenly we our topic is about him and how is he doing now. And the next thing that could happened, was that we bumped into him at City Hall MRT station while waiting for our train back home! Speaking of the devil!


And maybe I could try this, thinking of huge lumsome of money and the next thing the money appear in front of me. How about that? HAHAHA. Obviously that won't happen at all!

(pictures taken from our camera, Farah's iphone and Khai's camera)