Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just So You Know.

Now, let me share a scenario just SO YOU KNOW.

A girl was tired working her ass out, and she tries to squeeze her little time, which she barely have for herself, and squeeze that time just so that the person will wake up and do what he or she is supposed to do. But NOT. The person CLAIMed that he or she has put the phone to a silent mode, and afterwhich CLAIM that he or she dozed off. Well, at the moment of time does that person really understand what the poor girl had gone through? Or even the poor girl feeling?
Just put that aside ya. So the poor pale girl, had no choice dragged her feet to the place where it's supposed to be someone else.

And without an apology at all, left the poor girl ALONE. just alone. to the very next day, that person APOLOGISED. Is it fair to that poor girl.
Well, it's been a repetitive excuse every week the person gave to that poor girl. Don't you think that poor girl sick and tired of your nonsense and tak-masuk-akal excuse?
The least that person could do, is to show his or she concern's to that poor little girl. But absolutely not.

Just put this scenario in your shoes or you toes, people.


Now, let me share something . JUST SO YOU KNOW.

When I have patience, don't test my patience. There's limit you know. I hate to always repeat myself, pointing to your silly mistakes where you SHOULD know better in this. I need to be cherished, and don't take me for granted. What you have done, has already proven that you take me for granted. You're not even serious about all this shit happens. You don't even know what the hell I am feeling and thinking.

I worked so hard, I do everything with my very best. And there you are taking things easy. I simply don't understand. When come to this kind of situation, you just don't know how to handle a woman feelings.

"A woman feelings are very precious, need to be understand,pampered, cherished and love. No matter who is right or who is wrong, a woman has her soft part no matter how strong she appear in front of you. Don't misjudge her."
- Izzati

If this basic simple theory you don't know, or not aware then forget about everything. you don't deserve it. Neither do I.

Don't waste my time, don't waste your time. Period.