Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm glad I met this girls last week for the worse laugh ever. I needed that laugh badly,and I guess we all needed that laugh REAL BAD. Due to our busy work schedules. :) Ouh, if you all need some laugh therapy do contact us yeah. We assure you we provide the best laughter services. :) 

Anyway, talking about me. I had the worse work schedules last week. Been running here and there around the school like a mad woman, except that I still MAINTAIN. hehe. But I'm glad and happy I made it. The feeling of achievement is there when you put in a lot of effort in your work. Not to forget the worse headache I ever had. I never ever want to experience that ever agian, please.  

So meeting this ladies is a must I must say. :) Ouh, it was another impromtu meet up actually. 
Have you ever seen my tired looks? Here it is, as shown above. Ouh yes, the Cina-looking me with that bang bang fringe? I look like one CINA sesat. I'm used to it anyway, from small to big I've been labelled as Cina. Until I introduced myself.  :) What to do, I mixed what. Don't forget Phil + Malay equals PhilLay. huahuhuhuhahuhauha.

Evidence that we LAUGHED alot, till my stomach wants to burst. here's the 1st one.

I laughed till I cried and that's why the tissue was there to wipe my tears. 
Facial expression, PRICELESS.
The 3 of us, we had the worse laughter session, I think everyone there heard our nonsense conversation. Most importantly, we had fun and enjoy the great companions. :)
Thanks Syimah, for the DSLR.

Ladies, when is the time that we're SERIOUS?