Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Longest Table.

We had a celebration yesterday for the mums at Marsiling yesterday.  2 families were not there, and so we had the longest table ever. If there is an award to be given, we ought to get the "Longest Table" Award. :) 
Waiting for the dishes as we had to wait the rest of the dishes to come, so we can begin to DIG IN! 
Our Hannan and his mum and Firas beside Hannan. Amazingly, they did not fight sitting with each other side by side. 
The Cockles. I love cockles, and THEY made me finished up the cockles. Too bad, no black kicap. 

My old time favourite dish, Tofu Omelette on a hotplate is it? 

The Baby Squids. 
The Sweet and Sour HUGE fish, I don't know what the real name of this dish. Damn huge. And all these delicious dishes were all starring in front of me! I couldn't help it, they're just too TEMPTING. HAHA.
And all of a sudden, a cute PINK cake popped in. (of course, with the help of the Waiter!)
Really cute PINK cake, but we didn't cut on the spot, my grandma brought home. It's a complimentary from THEM. So sweet of them.
The happily happy people.
Let me share something about him here. I just noticed yesterday. When he calls somebody a few times, and that somebody never attend to him or entertain him he will go "Wee-Wiit! Wee-Wiit!" HAHAH. So cute!  I was shocked yesterday. So small but so smart!
Hannan's sister -Hanisah. Her both feet was bandaged due to an unknown substance growing under her feet, she was too phobia to walk so we had to carry her around. As you know, she loves to be photograph especially if you volunteer to be one. So yesterday, due to her injury, after I took the picture she said, "I don't want to see my face." I asked, "WHY?" She replied, "My leg bandaged, don't let me see."
If you were to look closely on that picture, the white stuff on her leg is not her shoes, her BANDAGED leg. But she was cool. Get well soon, my dear! 

It was great dinner yesterday, too bad Rudy wasn't there to witness the great food with the great people! :)