Tuesday, August 11, 2009

5 Girls and A Boy

The day I fall sick, we were having an outing to Pulau Ubin. We cycled, we had fun of course. I just gotten these outdated pictures since this girl, just uploaded to FB. It's been eons weeks ago!
There were 5 girls and 1 boy. Supposed to be 2 boys, but nevermind. So while the girls cycled and have fun the boy be the human map. The boy leads the way. Erm, not really. I did lead the way too. :) Ok, not! the rest of the girls. :)

This boy must be tired of looking at the map. We're 80% depended on him to read the mad to go to our next route. I'm sure 20% of that, this boy doesn't know his route. Ya ya pa pa ya only! But we still had fun and followed the boy route blindly! :)

We had a strong opponent here, that was the SUN. Weather was fumingly hot. Remember, I was sick. I couldn't differentiate my body temperature, was that a fever or the weather. Cus I myself felt so warm. But I stayed strong there, cus I told myself, I would bear the consequences AFTER that outing. HAHA

We made friends with this Auntie. She was so hyper to see us dropped by her coconut drink stall. It's like as if we know her for so long! We drank the coconut, and I think they have increased the price,from $2 to @2.50.
At the coconut drink stall, where we had some rest. The moment we start to cycle again, I could feel that my both legs couldn't take it anymore. Too tired to cycle!
Noordin Beach. This beach carved a beautiful memories for me. I was once a patriotic person who travels to Ubin like 5 times a year or more with the school,of course. And I had once overnite and BBQ at this beach with my fellow NPCC-ians. That was the best night ever as there was no torture at all, cus it was a LEISURE outing where everybody were being treated nicely and fairly. HAHA.

Of course,
this whole outing wouldn't had happened without this boy man of mine. Thank you Love!
And I was rushed to the clinic upon returning back to the mainland, as my body were so aching, and my flu wasn't getting any better. Like what I said, I will bear the consequences after the outing. HAHA. Don't worry, it wasn't any Tami Flu or Swine Flu. Just a normal flu! But who not worried right!
Shall plan another outing, after Ramadan. Maybe hiking NEXT!
Amacam my man?