Sunday, August 2, 2009


Sometimes I wonder why on earth I'm involved with all these things.

Sometimes I wonder why am I treated this way.

Sometimes I wonder just to please someone, I would go to an extra mile, but it seems that extra mile that I go, is equivalent to pointless.

You know I have a very soft heart, anything that I do,I DO with all my heart and soul ,and if that gives me an end result of dissapointment, I feel that this whole world is crashing me down. Before I have that "Give Up" attitude, which if I have, I would totally GIVE UP. Really GIVE UP.

But at times, some people,even those loved ones just don't see that in me. They assume that I'm just an ordinary girl who have that ordinary girl feeling. But actually I'm not. Absolutely not. Maybe because, I always have that brave front in front of people.

I hate the fact that people mistreated people, take people for granted. You get what I mean?

I'm having this crampy and grumpy mood here, but people are trying to add more salt & pepper to it. Which I feel like punching everyone down. Why can't they just have that simple manners, simple basic courtesy to at least please me in a way.

It's always me who need to have that kind of consideration to people. And it's tiring ok.

Ya, the conclusion to this - "Life's is unfair", Live it. I'm sure you all have that in mind now.

So why bother I continue this entry.