Monday, August 31, 2009

Day 9 of Ramadhan.

Week One of Ramdhan has passed and thanks to the weather, it's been raining and not that humid as before.So anyway, a little updates about my room! I'm so excited as to ask Rudy to paint the room rather than buying the searching clothes for Raya! So actually it took us 2 days to CLEAR those dusty/unwanted stuffs in my room. I only one my room to be less stuff and spacious. So I can dance around the room whenever I can! :)
Day 1 ,was more to clear away those stuffs that are not mine, but nested in my room since decades ago. I decided to get rid of them, since no one in the house ever want to know what lies beneath THAT box. I got Fiance over, to help me.

Day 2, was Painting Day. Rudy started his painting at about 2.30pm and ended the at 11pm. There were breaks in between and me of course, helped him paint the edges here and there. There's so much things to do, but we really maximised our time.

The perfect colour for my room - Cosy Orange. And I love it!
Ouh yes, the families came over for Iftar. So much food, so much laughter with the Aunties. 2 families were absent due to work commitment, which includes my parents ya. The next complete gathering shall be on the Raya day then.
Our main dished for yesterday was Nasi Lemak cooked by my grandma.

Picture was taken after shower and that explains that FLAT and WET hair of mine. Ouh, that's my cousin -Dina.

Still remember this boy; Hannan. He sat beside Rudy and both of them got so many to things to share. HAHA.

And again, still remember her; Hanisah, Hannan's sister? She's just so lovely lah! Both of them grow up so fast can!

I was clearing some boxes and came across this old shoe box. Inside was where all my pri/sec school photos which I've been trying to find. Also, was shocked to see still THAT picture! I thought those pictures no more already, but yesterday was the last one left and I tored it away into pieces, and that's it chapter closed!
Once again, a big THANK YOU to my Fiance Rudy for helping me out over the weekends for making my Makeover a success! Muahs. ILY.