Thursday, February 18, 2010

Check up.

Went back to the hospital clinic with the company of Rudy of course to get my bandaged open. Like finally, though it felt so different, and I don't ever want to put it again, therefore I tried to be cool with the elbow proving to the doc that my hand is OK. It's ok, just a daily massage from my Grandma should be fine. Furthermore, it's suffocating and HEAVY with that bandaged!

And now I can type with TWO hands! but of course, slightly pain there. But I need to be strong ya?

Anyhoos, doc gave me another 2 days of MC. That is cause, I still feel the sharp pain in my chest whenever I cough, sneeze, hiccup and even laugh!

It's horror ok whenever I recall back about the incident.

And I will absolutely will not forget this moment.

070210; Changi General Hospital.

and this, is BEFORE this "humpty dumpty had a great fall".

Now, if you were to ask me to go cycling, I will tell you, "Let me think about it".
Ya, I'm still traumatised with that FALL.

Speedy recovery for me :)


Rosli Arof / Foto Republic said...

woo...alamk, so sorry la sis...
baru sedar u xcident, look so bad plak tu...
alahai, simpati la...

hopefully cepat sembuh ok, rajin mkn ubat sorry :-(

Izzati Aydur said...

i dah sembuh now, thanks bro!
syiok, 14 hari mc! HAHAH