Monday, February 22, 2010

Fit as a Fiddle.

Welcome back to....Me!
I'm back to work today. MC since 070210 to 190210. Cool or whaaat! But you know, ain't cool. Cus I'm 90% at home, resting, sleeping and FB-ing.

But it's a good one.


I'm thankful with all these people around me:

Mum - for taking care of me since I'm out from the A & E. With the food, bathed my hair for me when I can't lift up both my elbows from Day 1 to Day 4.

Rudy - for wheeling me to A & E and be there with me with the doctor. And also, taking off day specially for my medical check up.Not to forget, spoon-feeding me like a baby since I can't feed myself!  Also, ensures that I'm fine always.

Rudy's friend - For driving me to A & E Changi Hospital. And, during the accident ensured that I've not lost too much blood on my forehead.

Grandma - For your continuously daily massaging on both my elbows without fail. Still doing it now.

Aunties - For your great support,prayers and calls to make sure I'm ok. And those Aunts who visited me during my MC days, Thank you so much!

Shima and Narz - for the chilling session cum watching Percy Jackson & Lightning Thief! That was a much needed one, as I was too bored at home and to make things worse the thick bandaged on my right elbow!

Those FB-ers - for your sweet and concern messages!