Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cry Out Loud

It was perfectly fine in the beginning.The pain starts when I met Rudy. Damn, my backache striked me again. That nevermind. Since I'm just starting to have my period today, the cramp sets in. How would you feel if you're having backache together with the cramp? It's not good and not funny I tell you. It totally ruins my mood today. I had a very good mood earlier on. Poor Rudy. I was enduring the pain. I think I can called it Silent Cry.
So we went off to Vivo, and that's when I really want to LAUGHCRY OUT LOUD. I've got headache. ARGH.
So, backache + cramp + headache = IN PAIN.
I was really in pain, I kept quiet. I kept cool. :) So I really couldn't take it we made a moved and went back to Rudy's place. I reached there, I lie down at their sofa. The mum asked what's wrong with me. Cus she can really sense whether I'm having period or not.
Like the last time I went there, she asked me why my face is rather pale and asked whether I'm having period or not. And I said that I'm having it. Aha! Cus I looked lethargic whenever it's my period.
And the best part, I'm going home just now she still could asked me, "Eh, Don't want change pad ah?!" HAHAHAH.
Finally I'm lying down on my bed,bed sweet bed...
Anyway, thanks hor fiance for tolerating my nuisance just now :) I know you're the best.