Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hot Saturday.

Spent almost the whole day at Sentosa yesterday with Rudy and his friends. Actually, their workmates. And I met another 5 more dudes. :) And it's fun especially we're like burning our feet with the sand that is hot. The weather was really HOT yesterday. The reason for me to tagged along (I'm the only GIRL) was to tan. The dudes were supposed to play Volleyball. But in the end, I joined them with the volleyball. It was fun playing volleyball with the people you just met. The last time I played volleyball was back in Sec 4 or 5 during P.E lessons. Haa. Hurt my hand. I didn't touched the water, cus I don't feel like soaking myself. But Rudy did. And he is purely BURNT now, cus he didn't apply any lotion. HAHA.

We reached Sentosa at 12 noon, and since it's Saturday, what else crowded lor. And that was Rudy's 1st time taking the monorail from Vivo to Sentosa. Cus according to him the last time he went there is the time where you need to take the ferry to Sentosa. HOW LONG IS THAT?!!
Indeed, so jakun lor he.

We went back to mainland around 4 plus to have early dinner cus we're so hungry! Ouh, I made Egg Sandwich for them. Heee. Accomplishment can? It's so rare for me to make something at home, especially I have to wake up extra early to get the things done.

Rudy and me went back to CWP to catch a movie;Ip Man. Nice movie actually, eventhough I don't mind that I don't watch that, but Rudy INSISTS that we must watched.

And I tell you, the bus journey from Harbour back to Woodlands was tiring. I fell asleep the moment the bus started to move. Deadly tired. Tidur sampai terngagah lah sey!

Enough of my beaches,

Today will be the end of my Tai Tai life. HAHA. Tomorrow, I'm back to work. Pretty excited actually, but I'm more excited to be at Dunearn on the 2nd!

I don't think I can sleep early today, since I woke up past 12 just now, and tomorrow I have to wake up extra early since I have to report to the main office. :( And I'm really not familiar with that place! Upper Paya Lebar ley!!!! No shopping centre, No nearest MRT. The only thing that available there is only the never ending traffic and the Circle Line construction.


Nvm only 2 1/2 days there. hehehehe.


Lin said...

happy working beb!!

Izzati Ayub said...

thanks lin!