Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Rosy Cheeks!

We went swimming today, with my swimming partner-Narz. Okay, this I REALLY NEED to apologise Narz for coming super duper LATE. I woke up late :( Sorry many many!

So, we had fun by the pool with the so many people.

But most importantly, I've achieved that rosy cheeks which I always failed to achieve. :)
I know it won't last long, but it's alright. Was shocked to see though. :)

So after swimming, I travelled down to PS to meet my mum. Since she wants to get my dad a phone. After that, my mum went back to her workplace. And I so called fetched Rudy from work(his workplace is nearby) . Since he finished his work at 6pm.
And we had dinner. No, not me, Rudy.

Ouh, too bad no photos to show my rosy rosy cheeks. hehehe.
I'm so tired now.