Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I Just Feel Like Blogging.

I love, love, love the weather today. Seriously, cool and calm. I mean, it's been raining since morning. And I had a wonderful nap while waiting for the rest of my Dad's side to come my house. Food was good too. Mum cooked Mee Soto, while grandma cooked Mee Rebus. Apart from there, there's others too. :)

Anyway, me and the parents went to the IN LAWs side for Raya, since the last Raya we've never been to the IN LAWs. And the IN LAWs came to my house on the very 1st day of Raya, the recent one. Then, proceed to the usual place that is to my great-grandma place. Definitely, every year everyone on my dad's side will go there. Regardless, rain or shine. :) This time,it was different, cus they were pretty excited about my engagement pictures. They can't wait to view them. Haha.

So, tomorrow I have a 2nd interview. Pretty nervous now. But will do my best.
Wish me luck.

Ok, I miss my man. :(