Friday, March 27, 2009


I watched this with fiance yesterday. Erm, actually I dragged him, cus for the past few movies we've watched, it's always his movie! Like, Street Fighter, Dragonball (eventhough the dragonball guy is cute!), another one I've forgotten. So, I plead him to watch this for now at least for my sake :) HAHAHHA.

Now tell me, who wouldn't love shopping? I love shopping too as much as I love fiance. :) But I'm not gonna be till like that Blum lady in this movie. Go catch it for fun and humour.

Talking about that shopaholic, after the movie we dropped by Cotton On. Not only dropped by, I shopped and spent close to 100 bucks there. I've never spent so much before. Close to 100 bucks for 5 items at one time.

5 items are:
Sandal (brown)
Pumps (i love their pumps over there, so comfortable and I've already own 10 of them. and all got worn off so at times I got the same colour or different!this time i got the dark brown!)
2 Tops
1 Man Shirt

I felt so sinful after that when I zoomed at the receipt. But no regrets, BIG BIG BIG THANKS to Nadiah for giving me the discounts. Appreciated it a lot.

So now, I just did my confessions. :)