Monday, March 30, 2009

Just an Update.

Here's just an update about what has happened recently. The school held their Sports Day @ CCK Stadium, and I'm there to "so called" support the kids there. I was reluctant join them as I'm not even had a duty there and actually I'm not involved with that event. But my in-charge allowed me to go there and witness their sports day. So why not,since if I'm stuck in school, there's not much things I would do and no one in school except the GOs people. So, it's my 1st time attending their events and it's time for me to be thick-skinned to introduce myself since that's when I can see ALL the teachers in the school right? And also that's when they SEE me. Some still don't feel my presence in that school you see.
Most importantly, I had fun with the rest of the teachers. It very much reminds me of my secondary school days. SIGH.

They had cheerleading competitions. 
With the teacher-to-be, these girls just joined the school. One is a Maths teacher and the other an Art teacher. New kakis, but they will be joining NIE soon. Ouh! It's really hot that day, cus the event was held on the afternoon. Weird lor, normally such event always happens in the morning. 

We were at town on Saturday, and while waiting for our midnight movie to start we went Timezone(ing!) .HAHA. I played the truck with the big steering wheel, but didn't managed to complete the given task with the given timing, so lose lor! HAHA. Same goes to Fiance. We spent 15 dollars there,for the both of us.  Eh, long time never go arcade can?! 

ok, I want to watch Slumdog millionaire now.