Friday, March 6, 2009

Mild Headache

i'm having this mild headache. since yesterday actually. perhaps i'm needed that much rest. This whole week, i'm teaching the Sec 2s, the whole level okay. and it's pretty much stressful as they're already a teenager. so they actually absorb all my energy and by the end of the day, i'm already like a zombie. =) nevertheless, they're just a bunch of students who are playful just like me back then in secondary school.

So, for tomorrow I'm still not looking forward cus I had to report to my main office at 9! -_-
As usual, our monthly routine. But tomorrow is exception, the GM is from 9-5pm. Practically it's eating up the whole of Saturday.
I can't wait after that. Will be meeting my poly mates - Elaine, Farhana & Taufiq for dinner at Jalan Kayu. Haha, these bunch of funny people.