Monday, March 9, 2009

Summary of My Weekends.

Well, like what I've stated in my previous post, I've got an intensive training from 9am - 4pm at the main office. It's not that draggy afterall cus we had ice - breaker to warm up everybody and get to know those who just joined us. :) and thanks to my colleauge, during the ice-breaker I was sabo-ed. and I had to kneel down as a guy and proposed. Damn paisey I tell you. But I'm being sporting and shy at the same time, I did what I was told. :) The worse thing, I've got a terrible flu in which I've got blocked nose which If felt really sick at one point of time cus I felt my eyes teared.  

I felt really sick after that, but that didn't stop me from meeting these bunch of crappy people - my poly mates.

 Taufiq, Elaine and Farhana. So we went Jalan Kayu > Yishun Dam > Amk Macdo Garden (for ice-cream!)  Thanks Elaine for driving us around and sending us home.  So,next meet up?

I was really sick after that, that I reached home at 9pm. Popped flu pill, and I went to bed as early as 9.30pm. Break record so far. HAHA. Usually Saturday, nightlife mah!  I needed those rests actually. 

I felt much better after I woke up and I felt so bored. :) Messaged Fiance to bring me out. But Fiance was still sleeping. Boo! So I waited and waited. :s   And finally he replied my messaged and we met on the evening, and headed to Lau Pa Sat for dinner. I was really hungry that I became grumpy and cranky. HAHA. 

We're totally full after that! HAHA. and I'm one happy,happy girl cus Fiance brought me out. else, I'll be more sick staying at home. We then walked till Esplanade to take our bus home. 
I want to thank my fiance for bringing me out. :) Thanks hor! :p


Steve Vai said...

fiq so dark!

Izzati Ayub said...

Lol. ya he is dark!