Sunday, September 6, 2009

It's the Monthly Routine.

I'm having this cramp feeling, as usual THAT monthly normal girls go through moment and I usually can't escape this cramp I'm having. Pathethic you know. When this moment comes,I usually loves to snuggle in bed. Like shiok like that. And if can, I don't want people to disturb/irritate me. :) and obviously I had to skip the fast.

So anyway,  followed parents to Geylang. I didn't want to actually, but since not meeting Rudy today, I decided to follow them since they want to get some Raya stuff. One thing I had to go Geylang is the make-your-body-sweat like nobody business. And I hate those kind of sticky feeling, plus the crowd! Ouh my, please lah. all over the place was human pack, but I tell you only 20% out of that 80%  people over there buy stuff for Raya. The REST of that 80% just walk around like they were strolling in Orchard Rd. No point putting thick make up or dressup nicely when going there, unless you want to attract attention, but I doubt you will find the attention you want there! HAHA. I'm not complaining here, just stating the facts. hur hur.

Ok, Syima has already uploaded the pictures from her Nikon! Yay! So here's some to share. Not in order right now, I'm not in that mood to arrange the pictures in order. HAHA. 
At least I share what right? hehehe. But you want to see see more, visit my FB or if you don't have me as in your contact, do add me as friend and then we can become FarmVille neighbour! HAHA. I'm a FarmVille addict, all THANKS to my dear Rudy. Of all my neighbours, I got the MOST number of PIGS in my farm! NO JOKE! and don't ask me how I managed to do that. HAHA.  Want to see, my farm? Go add me! :) Ouh, if I'm not that lazy I will upload the picture of my farm here. But not now. 

So anyway,

It seems like I'm the "greedy" one here, but I'm not. Look who finished the cake first! The ONE that already wiped the mouth with the tissue used for the cake. hehe..

Ah, better me. :)
Ok again, the "greedy" me, but I'M NOT! I think that one I just want to bite the cake and Narz snapped it.

This part is a hilarious act of us.
He brought his toy along.

The birthday girl with the "chacha" bag! Never thought she could OWN it. But we did it just for her. :) there's another one too, a beautiful Maxi dress. :)
Juita & Lin.
Me of course. *must have one!* hehehe..
Unglam shot. 

Ok done! 
It's already Sunday! boo.