Wednesday, September 9, 2009

September 09 09

It's a lovely date isn't it? 090909. I bet if this month wasn't a fasting month many Malay couples would choose this date as their solemnisation day or their wedding day. And there won't be enough Tok Kadi! HAHA. But few months back, I've read an article that there were already so many people went ROM just to book this auspicious date for their BIG day. You know it's just like the date 070809. I wonder why so special about this date? Just the number whatttttt.I personally prefer the opposite of this. :p

So anyway, I will be going on a long break this weekend. I hoped I will maximised this long break I have, maybe doing something fruitful. Like spring cleaning the house, touch up my room, watch tv,have some quality time alone with me and the room plus the bed maybe. But the best thing, I can WAKE UP anytime I want! I like that. :p Oh please, don't be jealous. I don't get this type of long break often. (unless I'm a student, which I wish I AM!)

I'm so excited. I'm meeting my so-long-time-never meet cousin for iftar later. So happy lah okay. It's been months, MONTHs and MONTHS we never meet since she started work at ICA plus the shift work and her odd OFF days. So as an elder cousin which is ME of course, I took the initiatives to meet up with her! :p To wait for Hari Raya next week is too long! Cousin, if you're reading this, I MISS YOU! :)

My stomach now seems not to be its usual self, maybe due to the crab we had yesterday. It's been such a long time I had crab! I didn't eat much but my colleauge was the one that skinned for me the crab skin. hehe. The gravy so ever spicy but awesome. We had one awesome hell of laughter yesterday plus the "hot" gossips. Too hot cannot carry dok!

I'm counting down the hours now to 5pm?