Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Week.

Ok so now what?
Initially, I'm supposed to share some pictures taken over the weekends, but I can't seem to have time to share it here. Actually I did! It's all over in FB. HAHA! I'm not lazy, just that sometimes, when you have uploaded elsewhere, you tend to forget about the other elsewhere. I might as well, copy and paste the links here right. But I'm not like that, perhaps I shall do it tonight, hopefully. Not much pictures so don't get too excited ya. :)

Over the weekends, I rented a car, a very small and comfy car that's exactly suits me. It's Fiat Punto. It's a good deal ok. Obviously, I drove all around Singapore. I made really full use of it, such as, drove my parents around, went Jalan Raya with Rudy's mum and followed by my side the other day, and of course rounding with Rudy till the wee hours! I'm really thankful to have Rudy as my co-pilot, he is like my GPS, human GPS to be exact, cus I know nuts about the road maps and directions. I only know how to drive only the North area, but other than that, I will get lost. So, of course it's tiring to have me driving all the time, but it's been A YEAR, I've not been driving. So of course, I made sure, I made full use of the car. Ouh yeah, I still can DRIVE! and this time round, NO P-PLATE! Less horns. :p Again, thanks to my dear Rudy, if not for him beside me, I will not survive!

Tuition sessions with the Twins, commence today. And now, it will be the intensive lessons, since their Final Year Exam is around the corner. Materials for them, are ready, only need to execute! HAHA. Actually I kind of misses both of them. :) And will be getting my moolahs tonight too!

15 more mins, to log off from here.

Will be going home by cab, cus a coffee packet I bought just now, spilled on my white skirt! Damn. Blame the Auntie, cus I already told her to tie the coffee as usuals, but she DID NOT. Not even an apology.Stupid.