Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day 1 KL.

This was taken only 1 hour of the journey. Still got 3 more hours to go! And I'm already feeling excited! Buay tahan.
When we reached KL, we were greeted by the massive traffic jam, which is already a norm there.

This is Rudy's Cousin, Farah. Recognise her?

Real or not? Farah told me to smell this man-made donuts and let me assure you, THEY SMELLED GOOD! You know that baking smell, and we all got so hyper with the smell! HAHA.

This KAKA the cat, It is super cute!

Reached at 2pm KL, Farah fetched us. Had our lunch at Pavillion then sightseeing. Not much for day 1 cus we had to preserve the energy for Day 2!