Monday, December 21, 2009


We had an awesome weekends that caused both me and Rudy to actually dragged ourselves to work this morning. Well, I think to the rest of my family members too.

As much as I want to upload the pictures, which I've yet to do it. Not even transferring to my laptop. Maybe tonight.

So why awesome? We had family bbq, and all of us overnite till morning. The kids never sleep at all, including me and Rudy. So it was like we're 24 hours awake!

On Sunday, we hurried home to get our 2 hours quick nap before me and Rudy head over to JB to attend his cousin's wedding. We only managed to get home at 11pm. That was because customs jammed! dammit.

Now all I want, is another 6 hours of sleep! PLS! 

Ok, pictures next entry!