Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day 2 KL

We went swimming early in the morning at her condo, just the 2 of us! More of get to know both of us better. Just for awhile, our bodies already had the tan lines! haha. But I tell you, DAMN shiok!

This was taken from her dining window, from here actually you can see Genting Highland! You can't see now cus it's covered with clouds, which means over there is freezingly cold! :)

You can even see KLCC! Loves her condo view!

Heading to Tesco Ampang shopping mart to do some marketing. And again, we're stuck with the heavy traffic.

She can even posed for me.

Very cheap stuffs here!

Her friend video called her, and that explain why she was doing that. Cus she was saying that she was with the cousins from S'pore, and faced the phone to us, and we said "Hello!" HAHA. I never see such people in our country do this, like make use of your 3G. Even if we do, we don't do it publicly! :)

Done with the marketing, next to KLCC!

I'm surpised with the long tunnel that leads to KLCC carpark from the highway.

We went aquaria. Only 28RM!

I wished I could keep this ticket! But not, have to give them back!

Ver old and fat fish, forgot what is it called.

In aquaria itself, we spent about an hour there, the place was huge! Our legs were sore after that.

Enough of aquaria, so walk around KLCC and had our lunch + dinner! HAHA.

We went back home after eating, to have some rest for the night to KL Downtown!

I miss Kaka!Only 5 months old, but very smart and cute!

That place start at 10pm-3am.

KL Downtown, just like PS. Except not so known to tourist. Clothes are cheap here, but not the fake shoes!

Rudy bought this huge lighter for 10RM. HUGEEEE!In need of lighter, ask him please!

We headed back home at 2am!And I'm already tired! It's only Day 2!

Day 3 updates, later!