Saturday, December 5, 2009

For The Sake of Edward & Bella.

Ok, Twilight-iers! Jacob or Edward?

For me, Edward. Love at first sight rules ya. Anyway, watched this with my parents and I had a hard time explaining to them cus they didn't watched the 1st movie. But they're sporting enough to watch with me :). 
So if my dear Rudy can watch his Transformers multiple times, (yea, he really can watch Transformers 1 & 2 multiple times without getting sick of it!) I can watch Twilight (the 1st one) multiple times without getting sick of it too!  Haaa. 

Ouh I caught these 8 adorable "Ang Moh"Ladies in their 30s at the cinema earlier on. Each of them were wearing the customised T-shirts. And on their shirt, it either stated, "Team Edward" or "Team Jacob"! They occupied the whole row. HAHA. One of them looked at me, and saying silently to me, "Jacob!" while I replied, "Edward" and I smiled. Never ever seen such and enthu people like them before. Not even those Transformers fans lah! \

Eventhough New Moon wasn't that fantastic or splendid especially the ending, I do rate it 4.5/5. And I can't wait for the next one! Really.  

So I bought the book. And I'm so going to read it. Since it has different storyline from the movie :)  Don D-turp! Ok? 

So who's with me, Edward?