Thursday, October 22, 2009

Don't Drool.

And so we had the birthday celebration at Mad Jack near town area. It's our first time there and everyone seems to enjoy it especially the atmosphere there was just so relaxing. Though it was a small size restaurant, but there's only like 2 table occupied. Such a good place for chilling out with your friends and loved ones!

Let me share wit you some of the food we had. The food were awesome and it came with big portion, and looking at the price, it's worth it! I would go for a 2nd time for this and try the rest of the menus :)

Mine, the tallest burger in town! This burger is really huge and tall. I gave away 1 patty to dad. It's really soft and melt in your mouth. And dad had to comment this, "your order is always the weird ones. everyone's food had arrived and yours not yet!then when everyone half way done eating, your's reached!" HAHA. and really, mine was the last one to arrive and I'm the last one dig in. But of course I did tried the rest of theirs. But when come to think of it, YA. everytime I go eat with them, my food will usually be the last to arrive. But not because I ordered weird stuff, usually ya cus hello, whenever you go to a restaurant you will sure try their specialty right and their signature dish. Haa, i think signature dish or specialty dish take a longer time to cook/ prepare due to the chef putting in some "love" to the food, cus it's special! HAHA.

Rudy's steak (medium-rare). The mash potato was superb!

My favourite, fried mushroom. but this fried mushroom seems too big, don't you think so. I would prefer it small and round and easy to put in your mind. My thought I ordered "jemput-jemput". -_-

Beef lasagna to be shared around. It's nice and I like it dry like that, cus initially it came with a separate sauce.

Oh! I love the sauce! Mom ordered this. Very filling!

Ahh, after that we were so MAD (read: full!) ! Then came the dessert.
Rudy's complimentary birthday cake from them. :)

Strawberry Cheesecake.

My favourite, Oreo Cheesecake!

Me and Mom.

Happy birthday to you!

Thanks Mom for the treat! :)