Friday, October 9, 2009

Splashy Splash!

Yesterday outing was awesome. Me, F, J and SL went swimming after work at BB. No one was there. We've got ALL the pools by ourselves! Plus the cooling weather, we were freezing the moment we out from the pool. HAHA. SL being so funny, cus she don't know how to swim and afraid of water. We had to coach her how to swim. Teacher teach teacher how to swim!Not at the baby pool, but we actually wanted her to baby pool instead while we swam at the normal deep pool. HAH.
More gossips, more idiotic acts we made. I think the lifeguards were amused by seeing us so kiddish yesterday. HAHA. Especially when J got a leg cramped while swimming! Thank God, I'm with her.

Now, whole body is aching. well it's TGIF. so I'm thankfully for that.
And meeting Ifah GF later on. Yay!

Can't wait for this weekends to be over. Really!