Friday, October 30, 2009


Took an emergency mc yesterday, cus I suffered from a sudden anemia. click here to know the details. It shucks. Previous night, before I sleep I thought I was just too tired. Normally I sleep sideways, then I'm able to sleep. But not, when I turned sideways as usual, I felt that I was turning. In fact the whole room turned. Abit scarry, but I'm still having this thought that i-was-just-too-tired. So I slept facing up. The moment I woke up yesterday at 6am, I felt nauseas, giddy. Like I'm going to faint anytime! And best timing, I'm having my period! and I think that explain why. But I never had this incident happen whenever I'm having my monthly period. I thought I'm going to die! I think if I were to faint, yesterday I would probably in hospital now and you all will be visiting me ya?
Ok so, I actually refused to go doc and go to work, cus I got stuff to settle for Friday. But no choice, I got no strengthed. And I went to the doc,took my blodd pressure and he said I've got a mild low blood pressure, maybe because I'm having a heavy flow period. He prescibed some medications and advised me to rest well. Which obviously after I had some rest, I head back to office (school) to settle the unsettled stuff. Don't worry, I took cab and went back by cab too. :)

I slept well last night. Slept at 6.30pm, woke up at 9pm. Went to wash up and slept all the way to 6am this morning. I'm able to sleep sideway too! No more giddyness.

Now, I'm slightly ok I think. I'm still on medications, and watching my diet too. Especially need to have high intake of iron and lots  and lots of H20!

It's weekends bebeh. at least I've settled the important stuff. :)

ahh, today also the last of school for secondary school and next week it's time for me to renew my contract. 

Ouh, MJ," This Is It" was AWESOME! :) Thanks Nazra for the pair of free tickets. Love ya!