Monday, October 12, 2009

Busy as A Bumble Bee.

Right now,I'm exhausted. Exhausted from the weekends. I'm deprived of sleep. Really.
Well, to some I'm not busy. But yes I am.
For the past weeks, I've been trying hard to complete my AR. Besides, my other workloads. That is another pile of work. Last Friday,I'm trying hard to complete that AR. And what freaks me out was the inserting of page numbers. It's seems easy right. From your microsoft word, Select "Insert", and select "Page Numbers". Trust me. it will not happen, even if it does, the number are wrong. And it freaks me out, when my AR has already reached the 100th page! So I'm close to giving up, but I took a break, and today I tried to do it again with full of PATIENCE. Which I need the most for now at least. Cus you see, once I'm done with that page number, my AR is just an inch to complete! So ya, this morning, I did it again. Insert the footer, the logo and those stuffs. and good news, it's done! So now, I can concentrate on other stuffs.
Next is my tutoring. Since it's the Exam periods for those kids, my tasks seems simple, but it's not. I'm teaching Twins. And it's not easy. It's like when the other one is extremely quiet doing her work, the other half will have lots of stories to share. And vice versa ok? So I had to double up my attention. And preparing those materials ain't easy.Cus you know, whatever materials I give, I need to do it double. hehe. But it's fun. I'm not complaining.
So the twins have been having this "intensive" tuition with me since Saturday, 2 hours each. 2 down, 2 days to go. Today and tomorrow till the tuition break. :)

Pictures will be uploaded soon.

Oh, Rudy and me were at JB yesterday.It was a last minit merisik event. So come Jan next year, there will be another one getting enganged and another one get HITCH! and then ANOTHER one. Ahem Ahem! :)