Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Entry.

Remember last week, I mentioned that I rented a car for the weekends, and it was of course awesome. So I remembered, I did took the tak-tau-malu picture of myself while waiting for Rudy and his mum to get into the car.  :) 

Deck J. This was where I parked the car on the first night. The reason I snapped this was because, I'm afraid I might forgotten where I parked the car. HAHA.  Cus when I snapped this, it's nearly 4am! HAHA. 

Here's the Fiat. It's a semi-auto car. In the beginning, I find it odd cus I'm not used to drive semi-auto. Don't worry, no clutch! HAH. But as time goes by, it's like A-B-C! 

Random picture. 
During the fasting month, break fast with my colleauges at Rasa Selera. They ate BIG, I don't cus I wasn't fasting on that day. It's only the 3 of us and it was our first makan together eversince we know each other. We had a good laugh, gossips and of course, great company!
That's my Fish N Chips, for your info. :)

My one and only hp charger left at work. Not once but millions of time. Tapi I tak serik-serik. Hhehehehe. So, my hp died yesterday. So no charger. None of my family members uses Samsung, so my bad! And everytime I forgot that Charger it must be the weekends. Normally, it's the usual weekdays. But that it's still fine with me. So what I did to resolve my situation, I went to a nearby shop, buy a 2nd hand charger that costs me $8! Ok, now. This extra charger I shall not going to bring it anywhere. Place it safe at home, while the other one will put it at work. So I think that solved my problem eh?  And no more excuses of misplacing the charger. HAHA. Shoot me if I do so. 

Ah, it was raining heavily a while ago, but now it stopped! I so want it to continue raining HEAVILY please just for today and tonight :).