Wednesday, January 6, 2010

09 Retreat

Staff Retreat 09, November.

And just gotten these pictures recently, cus the vendor took quite sometime to process it. HA!
Anyway, I only upload the pictures that only have me in it ok.

09 Staffs.
p/s :spot me if you can! don't think you can!

Getting to know each other, and this segment is about finding a person whom you have not spoken to since the day you join. Quite tough though, but well some cheat! HAH. Eh, I've spoken almost everyone here ok. If not at least, I SMILED.

Blowing balloons. Tough ok, especially when the hosts gave us the small size balloons. We need to blow as many as we can.

Lack of breath.

So those tiny balloons were meant to stuff in this big shirt so that I looked as if I'm "muscular"!And you know why?

Scissors-paper-stone game were being played. Whoever loses, will have topoke my "muscular" body that's the balloons.

It's ticklish ok! Super ticklish!

Why I'm standing cus I still have many balloons in me, and which means my team won! HAHA. I think? Cannot remember lah! Obviously, it's trully embarrasing to stand on the chair, where everyone were all seated on the floor. Yes, throughout this event, most of the time we were forced to sit on the floor. We only stood up during the games session. :s

I'm huggable! :)

Peace! It's been a year I've been part of them.
And I'm still now.