Friday, January 15, 2010


Just a quick one here. Here's some pictures from the Engagement me and the family attended at JB last Sunday. It's Rudy's cousin, Ekin got engaged with of course the man that she love, Ariel.  It was a pretty simple yet elegant kind of engagement. We Sheila, another of Rudy's cousin borrowed our dslr and took all the pictures instead. We just laid back and enjoyed the the occasion.  Furthermore, this time round, my parents were there too.

From her to him Gubahan. It's gorgeous, I must admit! Oh, wait till you see the "him to her" Gubahans.

The theme for this cupcakes - Wriggles. Got this ordered from Cupcake-momma.  It's a small gift from me to her. :) Oh, so amazingly delicious!

And so, the sebelah lelaki sudah sampai lah! (Guy side reached!)

Look what these Uncles were carrying. The "Him to her" Gubahan. Very sweeeeet!

The theme was just so perfect for this girl, Ekin.

You look gorgeous here, babe!

The newly engaged lady with a newly wed lady.  Their Sisters.

My Parents and Rudy's.

Ekin & Ariel

Congrats once again,

-Rudy Izzati