Friday, January 8, 2010

My Weekends.

Let me just say, this weekends is not like my any other weekends. :(
I need to report Hq from 9am to 3pm. It's the compulsory GM. Hah, cannot escape at all.
Then, at 4pm I need to rush and fetch the cupcakes that I ordered. It's some sort of a gift from me to Rudy's cousin that's going to get engaged on the THIS Sunday.
You think I can make it?
AFTER that, I need to go teach the Twins! That is already been scheduled every Saturday. Just that for tomorrow's sake I pushed the time to a later date. And tomorrow's lesson going to be 2.5 hours LONG! CAN YOU IMAGINE? Cus I can imagine myself, dozing off with eyes wide open (I can do that ok!) . But normally, no matter how tired I am, the Twins will always come up with their funny antics. So not too bad. UNLESS, they too are tired. And I'm screwed,cus it will be me whose going to perk them up. Maybe I should give them sweets whenever they behaves/ do their work and get all correct. At least they're excited and when they're excited, I'm awake. Any suggestions not? Anyway, they're kind that's easily excited. HAHA.
So ok, after all those HOOO-HAAA stuffs/errands, you might think I still have my Sunday right? Ya right, I doubt I can wake up late the next day, cus me and the Parents are going JB. Not sure what time, that depends on Rudy. Oh! it's Rudy's cousin engagement. Confirm, it will be a full day there. I'm going to beg Rudy to be there just halfday, can? HAHA.

You see, I am that kind of person that if I never get that sufficient rest, I will turn into a grumpy person. Which it's not good lah, but normally I tried my best to go with the flow so that I won't hurt anyone,especially the one that's closes to me, Rudy. :) But since it's not my P month, I should be ok lah ah? hehehe.

Nevermind, I can do it one.
(Alah, limit-limit Monday tu MC ajer ape! )